A Boy's Books and Tools

Amazing things happen when you give tools and books like, The Art of the Catapult, Backyard Ballistics and The Outdoor Adventure Guide to your boys.  The first thing that happens is that they immediately disappear for many contented hours.  They plan, create, build and strategize til their heart’s content. 
Over this last week, the boys have been engaged in a backyard project that would have had the neighborhood HOA (home owners association)president at my door were we to live in a subdivision.  I admit that at first I was not happy with the make-shift structure that was quickly taking shape outside my back door.  It certainly would not pass as reasonable neighborhood aesthetics and might possibly be considered a fire hazard and is absolutely an eye sore.
You might be asking, “What is it?”  That was exactly my second question.  My first question was, “What do you think you are doing?”  After which, those motherly thoughts of “someone is going to get hurt, step on a nail, fall out of a tree, hammer their thumb, break a leg” kept flooding my mind.  My husband reassured me that it was ok and the boards were removable. 


I have never been more keenly aware of the fact that what a boy sees and reads is sure to show up in his play.  The proof is sitting in my yard.  Currently, a once overgrown thicket is now being transformed into a fort with homemade wooden ladders complete with a growing army of working catapults and trebuchets sitting strategically in the barn yard.  



  • Sally says:

    That’s not a bad looking ladder!

  • BethTN says:

    Yeah—I was a bit shocked at the ladder–it is impressive when you are standing next to it—sort of like a Paul Bunyan ladder. They are trying to get me to let them enter it in the “Any Craft Item” category at the county fair next week… Haha! Maybe–I don’t think we own a vehicle that it will fit in and strapping it to the roof of the van and transporting a massive ladder along with the wood trebuchet they built and a van full of kids to county fair isn’t my idea of fun.

  • Sarah says:

    hahaaa!!! It isn’t my idea of fun either but it sure sounds like a story I’ll bet we will hear from you at one time or another!