Beauty admist a Heat Wave

Here in Tennessee, we are in the middle (I would love to say at the end) of a widespread devastating drought.   I can not remember the last time it rained.  Our two ponds are dry, the trees are shedding leaves, the earth is dusty, the grass is crisp and it just plain feels like an oven outside.  At 5 pm, as we were driving through our small town square, the bank sign registered 104 degrees!  Our porch thermometer said, “109” at around 1 pm.  Maybe it’s really broken, maybe not.  At any rate, the heat is hitting record highs here for the normally mild Tennessee summers.  
Over the last week, the heat has put stress on farming as can be imagined.  We are constantly checking water levels and making sure the animals are out of the direct sun.  We had a minor tragedy this week when our 6 year old caught one of our chickens and decided to put her in a cage.  He forgot about her and subsequently she died from the extreme heat temperatures and lack of water.  It was his favorite hen and so you can imagine how devastated he was when we all discovered Henny-Penny the hen was dead.  He was crying along with most of the other children, while our 2 year old kept saying over and over “Chicken dead, Chicken dead” and while our 4 year old kept repeating, “Henny Penny was our best laying hen!”  Of course, he was not making anyone feel any better about the situation.  All is well, the children will recover and we have more hens but such is life on a farm.  Live and learn. 
Today, we took the afternoon off and headed a mile down the road to swim in the creek.  It was wonderful!  We soon forgot about the heat and enjoyed the cool water.  The kids alternated swimming and trying to catch fish while the babies sat in the shallow water and threw rocks.  My husband and I sat down in the middle of the large creek and marveled at how beautiful an oven-like Tennessee day can be when swimming in the creek with your children! 



  • The creek sounds nice. We haven’t been to the pool too much at our apartment complex (don’t want to take Isaac out in the sun), but I sure would love to get in the water somewhere.
    This Tennessee summer is reminding me of Texas – and their summer is more like what it’s suppose to be here!

  • jules says:

    I used to live in Memphis and the summers were hot, hot, not mild. Hopefully your heat wave will soon pass and you’ll get back to the low 90s 🙂

  • BethTN says:

    Amy you’re right— that is what I keep thinking–Wow–this is just like Texas. Other than the hills, all the creeks and trees— it looks like a Texas summer too! I have never seen brown grass here!

  • Tracy says:

    I came across your blog via Amy’s Humble Musings. I has so enjoyed reading your blog. We live in southern Indiana and are experiencing the same intense heat wave. It is horrible. My tomatoes may not survive. I do wish we had such a beautiful creek down the road to cool off in.

  • Tracy says:

    I meant to say ” I have so enjoyed…..not I has”. The heat must be getting to me.

  • sarah walston says:

    Sorry about the chicken. I think that’s why I have a disconnected relationship with “family pets”. Living on a farm during my formative years really taught me a lot about just where an animal belonged in family life. My Grampa would say if the animal can’t be eaten, sold or used to raise something that would be eaten or sold, it was of no use. Cats and dogs had a place on the farm – but it just didn’t include sleeping under the hearth at night. LOL! Catching mice and keeping foxes out of the chicken pen…that was their role! Everyone kind of laughs at my “anti-pet” attitude…but I is who I is…. 🙂
    And we’ve had the most enjoyable summer ever here in Tx! We are no where near drought levels – we haven’t even had to water the grass all summer b/c it was, literally, monsoon season here for pretty much all of May, June and July. The rain has stopped since August rolled around and we’re finally at 100+ temps – but fall is just around the corner…
    Definitely does seem like we’ve switched states! It’s usually hot and dry all summer long!

  • Sarah says:

    That sounds like fun!!! I bet you all had such a blast!!!!