A Real Country County Fair 2007

We pulled some things together for some last minute entries at our county fair. It was a very exciting event for the children. Our boys wanted to go all out and load all of our animals up and take them to the fair. That wasn’t even a consideration here in 105 degree weather!
They did take some of their garden produce as well as some arts and crafts and baked goods. It was very exciting and a great learning experience. They are very excited about preparing for next year’s fair competition.
Our 6 year old entered the youth division lego competition with a unique landscape piece featuring a canoe filled with indians and a cowboy pirate and a helicopter with two space men looking at a dinosaur eating leaves off a tree. He didn’t think he would win 1st place because he said his lego creation has “men and dinosaurs at the same time and if they are evolutionist, they won’t like it!” However, they did like it and he received his first blue ribbon.
Youth agriculture with Vaughnshire Zucchini. It was amazing that any produce survived this summer. With no rain and extreme heat, the outdoors is like an oven and subsequently much of our squash was being baked before it had a chance to get big enough to pick. However, we did have a few plants produce amazing tasting zucchini despite the weather.
Youth division with Vaughnshire jalapenos. We did learn that jalapenos do great in hot dry weather, but unfortunately there are only so many uses for the jalapeno!
Youth agriculture with Vaughnshire tomatoes off her heirloom tomato plant. Usually, tomatoes do very well here in our area, however, the lack of rain really took a toll on them this year and we had many tough skinned and odd shaped tomatoes. We did manage to pick some very nice, ripe and delicious tomatoes as well.


  • Miss Kelly says:

    Congratulations on your success! What beautiful ribbons and family to go along with them. What a wonderful way to have your work pay off.
    I appreciate your site and have been enjoying it since I came across it recently through your post on Psychology and Calvin.
    All the best,
    Miss Kelly

  • Deanna says:

    Ok just found this- so you already know about county fairs (my comment on your corn shucking from 2008 tells of our adventures at the fair). Did you enter this year?