The Zastro Family


The Zastro’s stopped by to share a brunch with us this morning on the way home from the Operation Save America event in Birmingham, Alabama.

Paul and I met Cal Zastro many years ago in jail.  We were locked up together in the Birmingham jail in 1994 for praying on a public sidewalk.  It was a “hoot’n” time, as Cal would say, and we learned much not only about the horrid state of our Nation, one that locks Christians up in jail for praying on a public sidewalk, but learned that we had found a family in Christ.


We were so blessed to have Cal and his children stay with us several times last year as they traveled back and forth to Mississippi engaging the city of Jackson over the last remaining abortion clinic in the state.  But during this short visit we had the wonderful privilege of meeting the lovely Mrs. Zastro!  What a treasure!
We had a wonderful time!


  • Sally says:

    On a small snidenote – I love your front porch…it looks warm, inviting and ready to entertain company on. 🙂 Just like the one I grew up with and hope to have one day…hope you all are enjoying it!

  • PaulTN says:

    We are loving it! Ya’ll will have to make a trip out and sit a spell with us. 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    hahahaaaa “snidenote” surely someone else caught this and got a chuckle?
    Yes, I agree your porch is very cool!
    I’m not sure I’ll sit a spell though…. is that Scriptural? Sounds like Harry Potter to me. Maybe you meant “set” a spell? lol