Record Catch

Because of the drought, our pond has suffered greatly.  It once had a good supply of various large fish, but over the last month, we have been loosing large fish from the lack of water.  One of the many top priorities around here is setting up the watering system to supply our pond with water from our spring.   Currently, the men have set up a temporary pump that is slowly pumping overflow spring water into the pond to hopefully prevent loosing the entire pond.   
Here is a record catch for our boys: 
They came back from the pond to show me the fish they caught…with their hands…unfortunately the fish did not live long.  We still have a few large ones left, one the boys have aptly named, The Vaughn Ness Monster, and are noticing many new baby fish. 


  • Wish I could send you some of our Oklahoma rain…we’re finally getting a little drier now. It rained practically the whole month of June and into the first part of July.

  • Charlotte says:

    Great Fish!!!! My boys really enjoyed looking at this picture. Beth, I would love to here a little more, even if it is just a copy of your list, about your kitchen day. Maybe, if you have time, HAHA, you could post your to do list for Tuesday, sometime during the week. It is very inspirational.

  • Carmen says:

    I agree with Charlotte…please give us more! You are very inspirational! I can not wait to get moved and incorporate some of your ideas!