New Chickens – Barred Rocks and Turkens

Last week my family and I went to the market to buy food.  The market sells some animals and today they were selling chickens! 


I wanted Barred Rocks and thats what they had, seven of them!  There were three that we call Naked Necks becuse they have no feathers on ther neck.  So I have ten chicks!  When they start laying I’m going to sell the eggs.




  • Tina says:

    How fun to read your farm adventures! Your children are absolutley precious!

  • Holly says:

    Hi. I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading thru your site for a bit this morning.
    I love my barred rocks. We’re convinced they are the ones leaving us double yolkers. We also have red stars, silver-laced wyandottes(beautiful!) and buff orpingtons. We had our first batch of chicks hatched by one of our hens this Spring. We got 9, but my 2 yr old accidentally sat on one of them.
    Congrats on the milk cow!! We have beefers and have a calf every spring, but those wild things would NEVER let us milk them. LOL. Maybe someday. Right now dh says no as we like to go camping and it’s hard already finding people to watch all the animals.
    Anyway, I was blessed to read about your beautiful family. Holly

  • Kelli says:

    I have enjoyed reading about your new adventures. It looks like a lot of fun but definitely a lot of work. I am wondering if you will be selling your eggs? And possibly are you going to be processing chickens later to sell? You can email me directly if you would like. We are very interested.

  • Elisabeth says:

    Isn’t having animals fun? We just acquired some goats. We have 2 for milking and the rest are meat goats that we’ll raise and sell.
    I really like farm life. There’s something about it that I find so satisfying.
    Have a great day.

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