Anglican Priest Slams Drab, Childless Feminazis

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 (The picture is for our Welsh Heritage don’t you know) 🙂

Here are a few good quotes from the retired Welsh priest, Kenneth Dobson.  You can catch the rest at the link above.

“It is truly incredible that it is not a group of men but an organisation of women that has emptied our homes of women, destroyed family life and families, and glories in the fact that the all-important female species is now a second-class male,” wrote Mr Dobson, who grew up in Bargoed, in the Rhymney Valley.

“One remarkable proof of all this is to be seen in the way vast numbers of women today are dressed.

“Drab, dreary and often scruffy, the female has been driven into that most ungainly and often hideous garment – the trousers. The effect on their bearing and appearance is all too often appalling.

“Grace, charm, beauty, attractiveness and, above all, femininity have totally disappeared.”…

….”We have reached the stage where women, with all their God-given talents, are occupying themselves tapping computers in offices and shops so that they can help to provide ever more and more gadgets for their homes which they only briefly enter, and for their few children – as few as possible – to be provided with toys they seldom play with.

“Without grandmas, the whole system would collapse tomorrow!”

How true it is!  Not to disappoint anyone, but the rest of the article goes downhill with the interview with his wife and the fact that he was not able to pass on his convictions to his daughter.  But what a joy to hear a man of God proclaim the truth about the ravages of feminism!


  • Unfortunately, we are largely “without grandmas” today. (Where are all the grandmas who know how to cook a great meal, and sew clothes for the children?) Yet, God has raised up a new generation of mothers who are committed to be keepers at home. So, even if grandma is missing, mom is back home in these Christian families…and they will be the lovely aged, traditional grandmas of the future, teaching their own (largely self-taught) skills to their own daughters.

  • I am one of those grandmas (although I prefer “Grandmama”, as were my Southern mama and grandmothers). I understand what Mike is saying and am so thankful that there truly is a new generation of grandmas coming up. But we are blessed in our family to have a continuing line of grandmas for generations — and my grown daughters will be aged, traditional grandmas for my 22 precious grandchildren before long.

    We are just a few generations ahead of those committed, godly families who know what true biblical priorities are. I am so sad for the many young women who tell me they have no Titus 2 mentors, but God always carries forth a “very small remnant”, like Abraham and Sarah. There is hope! Do not despair!

  • Carmen says:

    My grandmothers were not there for me. They worked or were in their own little worlds. My mother got little to no training on being a keeper at home. When I got married I swore my husband would cook because I had no clue. What a change 13 years has made! I now love to cook, sew, decorate, and best of all be home with the children and be a helpmeet to my husband. My mom accepted the Lord about 5 years ago. She’s a loving grandma and loves to help but teaching my daughters how to keep house (in the physical and spiritual senses) is up to me and my husband (he more the spiritual sense than the physical (what was I thinking when I thought that he’d cook?! ; ) ). So it is my hope that when it’s all said and done that we will have contributed 3 lovely Christian wives and mothers to society.

  • Margaret says:

    The bishop’s opinion of whether feminist women are attractive says little about how feminist women actually look. It says a lot, however, about his contempt for women in general. He actually believes that women are so shallow or stupid that we would reject or abandon a particular set of ideas simply out of fear of being deemed unattractive. He also believes that women should reject or abandon feminism not based on whether it is good for women, but rather based on whether it is good for the bishop. After all, (according to his mindset) it would be appalling to expect him to look at women he finds graceless and unattractive, even if it means that said women have to give up clothing that they find practical and that provides them greater freedom of movement.

    The insult to women in general becomes more obvious when you consider that no other political group is judged based on their appearance. People don’t obsess about the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of gun right’s advocates, environmentalists, death penalty advocates (pro and con), or elderly conservative men. But the worth of women or of any female-dominated movement is consistently judged based on attractiveness and feminine appeal, neither of which have anything to do with whether the ideals of this movement are good for our sons and daughters. (I believe that feminism is good for everyone, but that’s a comment for another day.)

    (At least the “anti-family” argument is a substantive one, though I happen to disagree with it, and wonder where the bishop gets off assuming that feminist men and women are worse parents than conservative men and women.)

  • PaulTN says:

    Margaret, You are right it is not really about the looks. But you miss the point of this blog if you think it is about arguments. Here it is only about one thing, what the word of God says.

    According to that standard, feminist of either gender cannot be good parents because they teach their children a concept that is foreign to the very nature of the relationship between men and women. If God just wanted men on the earth he could have created just men. The fact is he created men and women each of equal value, but each with different roles and functions. This cuts at the root of feminism.

    Of course if we want to examine the fruit that feminism has produce we would see this claim validated further. It has been said that what happened with the ratification of the 19th amendment is that we ceased to be a nation of families and became a nation of individuals. If it is true that the family is the bedrock of society, then the things you advocate are destroying the very nation you live in.

    One other recommendation, if this small article challenged your position, then you’ll love this site: