Two Firsts for Vaughnshire

First and formost, today is the day of the official launch of!  So if your reading this on the day it was posted you are one of the first official visitors to the new site.  Welcome!  While we have had the site for awhile and have been experimenting with different formats and content management options we went back to the tried and true WordPress Blog!  In times of busy stress and hard work, stay with what you know.
Secondly, today is the first day for Bonnie Blue at Vaughnshire.  Who is Bonnie Blue you may ask?  Bonnie Blue is the new Blue eyed family milk cow.  It’s true she is a second hand cow, with a second hand attitude.  In fact she might call into question the calm gentle spirit Guernsey‘s normally exhibit.  But she is still our very own supply of fresh milk.  Not only of fresh wholesome milk, but there is something more about the Guernsey, they have a special beta protein which has been shown to reduce the risk of heart diesease.

Bonnie Blue Comes home

What is in there?

Meet Bonnie Blue

It’s Bonnie Blue!

We’ll be posting more on the Guernsey’s in general and Bonnie Blue specifically in the near furture.  But for now, enjoy a hearty “how do” from Bonnie Blue.

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  • Angus says:

    I’ll be out there to hunt this fall. I expect to be able to taste the first of the (soon to be famous) Vaughnshire wine selection. by the way, any fence taller than the standard farm fence makes it a compound!