In The Garden update…

While we have been in a season of drought, watering a garden has been a concern and priority.  Our water supply here on the farm is from an abundant spring.  We have two holding tanks and overflow on each tank that has been up until this time just overflowing on to the ground.  The boys have been working on utilizing this overflow by redirecting it by using water line pipes aimed at the garden and large barrels. 
They have a few more things to do before the lines are properly working.  Until then they are filling up barrels of overflow water and have been siphoning out the water into the garden.  It is a long complicated process to explain and if you could see the lay of the land and the set up, you would understand better than what I can explain. 
Ideally, the overflow spring water will be continually watering our gardens in the future through soaker hoses.  Until then, lots of learning and trial and error.  It has been a great homeschool project. 

My bean plants are really taking off, however, I have been finding holes in the leaves with no sign of a pest.  I think it is slug or caterpillar related, possibly some bean beatle.  Since we are gardening organically, I had the kids sprinkle flour on the leaves to deter the pests.  So far, I am unsure if this is working completely, but am positive that it isn’t getting any worse.  Entire leaves aren’t vanishing.  I also put crushed garlic shavings on the ground around the plants.  If I continue to find pests, I will have to resort to some other organic remedy that I will share with you. 

The corn that our 9 year old planted is thriving and growing rapidly.  We are all so excited and awaiting the first fruits of this heirloom variety of corn. 

This is my first try at inter-planting or companion planting.  Basil is supposed to be an excellent neighbor for the tomatoes, however, I do not have near enough basil planted and only have it around these few plants.  We will see how it does.  

Remember the experiment with planting seed potatoes on wet paper?  I was very unsure if the technique I read about in the Lasagna Method gardening book would work.   However, over the last week, we have been seeing little potato plants pop up out of the straw.  We are so excited!  It is actually working. 


  • sarah says:

    Very cool! All this talk about fancy plants reminds me of that cooking show “Iron Chef.”
    p.s. I hope the crushed garlic works for me b/c it sure is disgusting! [not swallowing it, but tasting it for the next four hours until it is time to take some MORE, YAY!]

  • Hannah says:

    My Dad cultivates an enormous garden naturally and he just plunks down his seed potatoes on top of the soil and covers them with hay and they grow great this way.
    We’ve found that a small lid full of beer placed in the garden around plants with holes in them works wonders for getting the slugs drunk and killing them. Then there’s the “I’m buying this for the slugs in the garden” speach that you have to give to anyone who sees you with beer…:)