It's really a Sparrow Hawk – aka the American Kestrel Falcon

We have since learned that our hawk is a American Kestrel Falcon. It is a beautiful bird that has provided us with much amusement and wonderment over the last month. Whenever we are outside, it is right near us perching usually on a fence post or a tree limb within sight. While working in the garden is it not uncommon for this bird to swoop down and sit right beside where we are working and wander around us. The most incredible thing is when we can hold up a piece of meat, call him and watch it swoop out of the air and come take the meat right out of our hand. The other day I was in the garden working by myself and noticed he followed me to the garden sitting on the fence post near where I was working. I placed a small dish of water down on the ground and he hopped down to drink from the dish. Afterwards he wandered around my feet for a while and didn’t leave until I left working the garden.
This is not a shot of him swooping out of the air, but still neat footage of hand feeding a hawk.

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