Garden Weeds…

Today, I picked the first fruits out of our garden and while it was a small amount…a handful of different hot peppers, it was exciting and increased my anticipation of soon gathering more fruits from our garden in the very near future. 
As I have mentioned before, we have a few gardening areas this year.  One raised bed is home to a variety of veggies and herbs that was prepared using the lasagna method of layering composted type materials:  old barn hay, compost, potting soil, peat moss etc.  Another one of my raised beds was tilled up by hand using the dirt already in the bed.  Our next garden spot is a larger row garden the guys plowed up with the tractor. 
Garden 1:  Very maintainable with very little weeds.  We occasionally pull up a immature stray weed.  Overall the soil is easy to work and the plants are growing great.  Ideal and one I will be duplicating. 
Garden 2:  Lots of stray weeds that are easy to pull up, but is harder to keep weed free.  Actually since I have corn and okra growing in this bed, it isn’t a priority to keep weed free since corn does fine with some weeds. 
Garden 3:  In our large garden, we are growing nice green grass and rocks along with our veggies.  The row garden is 100% more difficult to groom than the lasagna layering bed.  However, it is the first year we have worked this space so we are hoping to add lots of compost to it over the winter and prepare it for a nice big spring planting with less weeds. 
I do have a natural herbicide recipe that my friend let me know about, made with vinegar, soap and canola oil that I am planning on experimenting with, until then, are garden days are on Wednesday morning and I will tackle the weeds then…
In the future, a well worked row garden spot and lots of lasagna beds would be ideal. 

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