Drought in Tennessee

Our state is experiencing widespread drought. The worst it has seen in a decade. In a normally, very moist, green, overly-grown beautiful environment, we are experiencing the sights of yellowing grass and the appearance of cracks in the ground. Those sights were normal sights in my childhood Texas summer days. I had just assumed all places had cracks in the ground big enough to trip you when walking. Brown grass was a normal summer color and leaves fell off the trees in summer not just fall. I didn’t think it was abnormal to carry a pair of gloves or a dish towel to the car during a hot August day just so you could open the door, touch the steering wheel, start the engine and buckle your seat belt. However, though it is not that hot here…the dryness is normally far from the case here in the state of Tennessee.

I am missing our frequent rains and remembering that this unusually hot and dry season is yet another reminder to me of the faithfulness of God. Life is not always full of plenty, full of abundant growth, full of ease nor is it always a rosy picture of perfection. Times of drought, times of thirst, times of struggle are normal parts of life. They are meant to draw us closer to God, to cause us to worship still His faithfulness and to show more powerfully His mercy and loving kindness. Too often I take the little things, like rain, for granted. I am reminded that His Grace is sufficient for me even during those times of drought in my own life.
For now, during this weather season of drought, I am thanking God all the more for the beauty in the simple things such as shade that the trees provide, music that the birds sing, a house that provides us protection from the summer weather and a harder than normal time gardening this year (because it only makes me more thankful) and all the times in our lives that we have been blessed and just not realized it. Embracing the difficult and giving thanks in the trials not only refines our character, but allows us to live self-LESSly and in awe of the Creator.


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