Garden Weeds…

Today, I picked the first fruits out of our garden and while it was a small amount…a handful of different hot peppers, it was exciting and increased my anticipation of … Continue Reading →

Two very happy boys today…

This is a developing story…but for now….this morning the news rang through the house that the boys had caught the suspect who was thieving eggs…

No Bunnies

No bunnies…Does rebred on June 18th. The boys reintroduced the does to the buck on June 22 and noticed agitated behavior from the does. The assumption is they are pregnant … Continue Reading →

The Vaughnshire Falcon

The American Kestrel (or know as the Sparrow Hawk) has been a favorite farm animal here on Vaughnshire. He has been hand fed from the time we brought him home.  … Continue Reading →

New Farm Life Posts

We are gearing up to begin posting many of our own adventures in Christian Agrarianism and large family life here on our farm. I will be transitioning over many of … Continue Reading →