Virginia Tech Murders

I suppose everyone is writing about this and trying to wrestle with its meaning.  I would like to.  However, after reading the commentary linked below feel I would be re-stating what has already been said.  In some cases the comments being received concerning this article are more depressing than the event itself because they reveal the short sighted theology this generation has embraced.
I trust this will bring some comfort to those who trust God and genuine angst to those who do not.

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  • I claim authorship to the following post that Mr. Phillips posted in the “Responses” post on his blog. I copy it here for your perusal. If you haven’t browsed all the responses, it’s quite revealing of the state of the church when subscribers to Vision Forum respond this way.
    It Is Valid To Speak To Solutions Now
    I so appreciate your article. It saddens me to see the response of some within “Christendom” that would seek to disarm the innocent and subject women and children to the cruelties of evil men. When fathers are disarmed, how are we to defend the weak? This is not a “political” issue as some claim. It is a biblical and a constitutional issue. Yes, we may mourn. But in our mourning, it is certainly valid to offer solutions to preventing this meaningless violence. An armed, law-abiding populace is the only “freedom loving” means to prevent senseless killing.