Rocks and More in my Dryer….

I have always intended to take a picture of the things I collect out of the washer and dryer each week.
Here is my running list of things that I have pulled out of the washer or dryer over the last several years of having boys:

  1. part of a bungee strap with hinge.
  2. miscellaneous scrap metal pieces from who knows where. This week I found a small copper pipe?
  3. crayons – several times this has happened. Most of the time I catch them before the dryer, once I did not and if you are wondering if it ruined the clothes…yes, it did and the dryer as well.
  4. candles – i caught this one before the dryer.
  5. rocks
  6. springs, nails, screws, nuts and bolts, staples and various other tools and tool parts.
  7. pocket knives – this is a regular
  8. compasses and tape measures – also another regular
  9. wallets and money
  10. legos, lincoln logs, toy cars and various other toy parts
  11. and last week a large real looking and feeling fake plastic snake that I think stopped my heart as I screamed and nearly fell back over my pile of clothes. To make the story more interesting, when I bought this life-like snake for my 4 year old, the young guy said, “Now, you need to remember you bought this because it is liable to scare you real bad late one night!”  Imagine putting your hands (working in very dim light in the unfinished basement which made it worse)  in the washer to scoop out wet clothes and feel a slimy, wiggly thing that wraps around your hand and all you can see is a black snake like thing amongst the clothes that you can’t get away from fast enough.  I think I took 3 years off my life with that experience!
  12. once living real red worms that son #4 put in his pockets last spring
  13. a once living real blue belly skink lizard that son #2 put in his pocket and forgot about. Afterwards, I called upon the guilty son to retrieve the dead lizard out of my washer and he tried to convince me that his lizard was only half-choked because of swallowing too much water. I assured him that his lizard was fully choked.

I threaten to charge a nickel for everything I find in their pockets and a $1 for all living or once living creatures, but in all my spare time I haven’t managed to put together a tally chart with each boy’s name on it and items I need payment for.


  • Candace says:

    Too funny! The worst we ever find is money, papers and pens (I have four girls and two little boys). I’ll have to send this to a friend of mine who has five boys……I’m quite sure she can relate to and appreciate this post!

  • Shyla says:

    Hi Bethany! I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with your blog! I too, have had the crayon in the dryer thing, and for future reference, washing immediatly with VERY HOT water, several times, with lots of Dawn or Palmolive actually got most of it out. I may have put OxyClean in there too ;o) The worst for me has been ink. Once in the dryer…end of story.

  • sarah says:

    Mostly I find chapstick and money. I can’t stand it when the chapstick makes it to the dryer! I love the snake story, what a visual!!! lol
    Also, I like the “half” choked lizard. That is hilarious.

  • Liz says:

    Too funny! I love your stories.

  • Christine says:

    For the crayons– WD-40. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but spray the stain with it and out it will come. We haven’t had any live creatures yet, but I’m sure they’re coming. Called the repairman once for woodscrews hubby left in his pocket while working on the wooden swingset. Thankfully it didn’t damage the tub.

  • sarah walston says:

    This is exactly why I turned laundry duty over to the boys!!! Adri and Ean do a pretty good job keeping up with it. And they get to keep anything they find in the pockets – so they always check every pocket!

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