Review on the Christian Homemakers Conference

We thoroughly enjoyed the Christian Homemaker’s Conference last Saturday even amidst the technical difficulties and the fact that we heard and saw very little of it! 
A group of ladies gathered in my area at a friend’s home and spent the day fellowshipping with other likeminded women.  Though we were unable to see and hear the majority of the conference, we were thankful and inspired by what we were able to hear.  In the down time, we decided to engage in our own made up version of the conference and talk about applicable things relating to Christian homemaking.  Such topics like, “What to do with toddlers when you are trying to home school your older children?” 
I enjoyed Mrs. Jennie Chancey’s talk on “Gaining Vision: Why full-time homemaking isn’t about high heels and pearls”.  The parts we were able to hear were excellent.  She clearly laid out that our view of the ideal homemaker should be shaped by what the Bible says and not what culture dictates.  She also talked about how we should fear nothing but God and be happy to embrace hard work.  There were many things that I found encouraging and inspiring but one thing that stood out to me was the fact that we, as Christian homemakers, have to have a clear vision of why we work within the home.  We serve the Lord with our lives and honor Him through our obedience.  Though our culture attacks the home maker from all sides, we can stand knowing that it isn’t culture, but Christ who defines us.  Jennie Chancey has an excellent website at .
The other talk we were able to hear was from the Botkin ladies on “Training daughters to be competent and visionary keepers at home.”  This talk was outstanding!  I may post more on this talk later this week. 
I took pages of notes and am anxiously awaiting being able to obtain the CD’s of all the talks given. 
If you missed it you can order these CD’s.  Here were the titles:

  • “Gaining Vision:  Why full-time homemaking isn’t about high heels and pearls” (Jennie Chancey)
  • “Homemaking 101:  Help!  How did my grandmother know how to do all this stuff?”  (Kim Brenneman)
  • “For Busy Moms of Little Ones:  How to avoid growing weary in well-doing” (Jennifer McBride)
  • “Training daughters to be competent and visionary keepers at home” (The Botkin ladies) 
  • “Why teenage rebellion isn’t inevitable and how you can avoid it” (Lydia Sherman and Lillbeth Humphrey)  
     For more information:

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