Grocery Highlights

Here are some highlights from my favorite trips this month: 
Trip one: 
Spent:  $11.79
Coupons and Store Savings:  $50.89
I also sent in my receipt for a $10 rebate.  So my total for this trip was $1.79! Because of this trip, I am stocked on trash bags for a long time. 
Trip two: 
Our small town grocery store ran a .10 cent sale on produce.  Each item was .10 cents and here was the breakdown:
10 grapefruit
20 oranges
20 apples
5 lemons
20 red potatoes
50 potatoes
So for a little over $12 I was able to get loads of fresh produce.  I saved over $67 that trip. Unfortunately, that produce didn’t last as long as I thought it would.  I’ve decided that we need a greenhouse in addition to a big garden.  I was reminded of a conversation I had with an older woman a while back.  She told me that while she was raising her 5 boys, she planted a 1 acre garden every year to supply enough food for them as well as provide food for canning.  I was inspired by her wisdom and reminded that this type of gardening use to be norm in our culture.
I am looking forward to dropping my grocery bill even more with gardening this spring and summer but more than a grocery bill savings, I am wanting that fresh, organic, natural, local food. 

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