We’re Finally Getting Texas Weather

The beginning of February and we are finally getting some winter weather. It had been freezing cold rainy dreary muddy stuck inside wishing for the warmer weather so the kids can go play outside. I think if it is going to be 9 degrees there better be snow on the ground, however it doesn’t work out like that normally.

The snow mover and his driver

She didn’t like it. It wasn’t warm and didn’t taste like momma’s milk.

She loved it! This was her prized snowball that daddy threw at the tree when they came inside. I think she is still holding a grudge.

Here’s wishing they had cleared some brush for a sled hill. Actually, we tried sledding but the snow wasn’t good sledding snow. Snowball fights were good enough though.


  • sarah says:

    The pictures of the kids are darling! Annabelle looks hilarious sitting there in the snow. That is one you need to print and frame.

  • sarah says:

    Also, I laughed out loud thinking about Eva still holding a grudge. I can totally see it,lol!

  • sarah walston says:

    Please….take the weather and keep it there!! We’ve been sick for 4 weeks now – our immune systems are just not used to this cool, moist air!!