How to Make Salsa…

We love fresh salsa. I make it often using my blender and various salsa making produce. I don’t use a recipe really….I just add what I have that would be found in salsa.

This time I added a bunch of cilantro, sweet red pepper, green bell pepper, 3 cloves of garlic, a small onion, tomatoes, 1/2 of a unknown hot pepper.  I bought a bag of hot peppers at the store for $1, so I came home and made salsa. The rest of the peppers, I washed, sliced and froze in freezer baggies for next time.

I blend on low until it looks just about right. I do not like to leave salsa in my blender for very long because I make fruit smoothies and protein shakes in it as well and do not want that hot garlic peppery smell in my smoothie. If I have a lot of salsa, I will put it in those ziplock containers with screw on lids to store in the refrigerator. It doesn’t last long around here so I don’t worry with is spoiling. I have frozen it before, but it took on a more watery consistency and I am not sure if that is normal or if it was just what I made it out of that time.

Time for the taste test….. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into! This batch was not really that hot so I let her eat some. After the first initial taste of it, she loved it so much that I had to make her stop eating it.
I added a spoonful of salsa to each of our soup bowls and it turned an ordinary but tasty chicken soup into a delightfully, spicy, different meal.


  • sarah says:

    I have a homemade salsa recipe that I just LOVE. One large can of chopped tomatoes, one jalapeno pepper, a small chunck of cilantro and a clove or two of garlice. My favorite is the salsa verde from Rosas though. I would LOVE to get my hands on that recipe. They use tomatillos for the green salsa though, and I don’t know the first thing about that.
    Eva is very adventurous!!! My kids still won’t eat any kind of salsa!
    Your mom came over yesterday and brought us two meals plus yogurt and fruit for a week! [maybe I should get sick more?] lol. Family is the best!

  • Candace says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I LOVE tomatillos and have a simple recipe for Verde salsa! Once you peel off the outer layer of a tomatillo and wash real well (they’re real sticky), it’s just like dealing with a tomato.
    This is my brother’s recipe: (this makes a small batch, but you can double it if you like it):
    3 Tomatillos (depending on size)
    3 Yellow chilies (peppers)
    1 Dried Red Pepper
    2 Tablespoons Vinegar
    1/4 Tsp Seasoned Salt
    In a blender or processor, liquify tomatillos and peppers. Be sure to seed the red pepper first. Pour into a saucepan, add vinegar and salt, and cook over med heat to a slight boil. Enjoy just as salsa or use as topping on tacos!

  • sarah says:

    Cool, Thanks!