1940’s Cooking Instructional Clip

Our friends over at LAF have posted a very entertaining homemaking clip made in the 1940’s entitled “Cooking:  Terms and What They Mean”
I thought this video clip was fitting to follow my post on ultra-convenience foods!  When I have time, I will post the actual video clip to my site.  My daughter enjoyed watching this clip over and over.  I enjoyed watching it for different reasons as it proves to be a very telling paradox to where we are today in a nation of illiterate home makers who could care less if their husband came home to a made-from-scratch chocolate cake!


  • sarah says:

    the video isn’t working right now?

  • Carey says:

    I’ve watched it a couple of times. Where were all of Margie’s kids!?! Just kidding. I’m trying to learn how to cook everything from scratch, wish I’d have learned before I had children!

  • sarah says:

    The video works? I just tried it again and it still won’t play.

  • Bethany says:

    That is strange….I just started it too and it works on my machine…..
    If I click on the title “Cooking Terms and What They Mean” on the laf site it takes me to the myspace website and plays it automatically for me.
    If I click the play button…it stays on the LAF site and plays it.
    Maybe you don’t have what it plays in on your computer??? I am not sure what it is though?
    Maybe your smart computer husband will fix it for you tonight! Tell him it is very important to the homemaking education of yourself and your daughters…..