Weekly Tally on Groceries

I read about a lady that keeps here weekly grocery totals on her blog so that she can keep a record of her spending. Although I probably won’t pick up that habit, I thought it was a good tracking tool.
Store 1:
11 bags of cat food
10 boxes of butter
24 boxes of cream cheese
3 huge red bell peppers
5 lbs of organic carrots
8 bags of cheese
8 packages of cookies
8 boxes of crackers
Total paid: $34.95
Before Coupons: $177.04
Store 2:
11 lbs of bananas
6 boxes of tea
3 containers of sour cream
Total paid: $6.19
Before Coupons: $16.66
Store 3:
4 loaves of bread
11 boxes of tea
6 bottles of cayenne pepper liquid sauce
2 large bags of York mints
8 cans of soup
2 cans of Rumford baking powder
6 avocados
10 lbs of potatoes
Green leaf lettuces
4 boxes walnut brownie mix
Total paid: $22.63
Before Coupons: $71.39
Grocery total for this week
Total: $63.77
Before Coupons and Sales: $265.09
For those who are thinking that those items aren’t much to make a meal out of, consider that the previous weeks I purchased items that enable me to put together meals that are normal.
Previous weeks, I may have purchased apples by the bushel, or 15lbs of onions. One week recently I bought 23 packages of bagels and 8 dozen eggs (since our hens are slackers). Several months ago, I bought 30 packages of whole grain pasta that actually tastes good but am now watching for a sale because I am down to 4 packages. I haven’t bought meat since Fall because of our meat chickens and two deer (not two full ones now) in our freezer.
We have lots of salads with our meals, even if I have to pay full price on lettuce, I will use sales to determine what types of salads we are having. Last week cucumbers and tomatoes were on sale, so we had cucumbers and tomatoes in our salads. This week, red peppers are on sale, so I cut up red peppers, broccoli and crumbled feta cheese for our salad tonight. Several weeks ago, I bought a fancy feta cheese with basil and dried tomato for pennies. It lasts a long time and adds a bit of snazz to a mundane salad. A warehouse type grocery store has bulk packaged lettuce, like the romaine hearts that keep longer than a week in your refrigerator.
So my meal planning has changed a bit, I am pulling menus from what items I have in our family store and based on what items are on sale. I am finding that this is a much cheaper way to feed a large family and still maintain a bounty of healthy foods.
I started writing a book about grocery shopping and the large family in October. I have since revised the direction of the book to specifically target large families and real tangible ways to cut the grocery bill while still feeding an army and it is very close to being finished. I am so excited about this project, and have been working on it in my “free” (ha, ha) time.
If you have a question that I can address in the book regarding grocery shopping, grocery bills, feeding several to lots of children, please send me your questions.


  • Charlotte says:

    I would love to know where you get all your coupons. Do you buy any? I have recently started doing the whole thing of combining coupons with sales, but it seems that I almost never have the right coupon at the right time. The best I have done is Walgreens. I purchased 4 large toothpastes, and 3 bottles of dish soap on sale and with a coupon for $5.75, a regular $17.27, and then I had a $10 mail in rebate. That said, it only happens few and far between. I would like to be doing something like what you are doing each week.

  • Charlotte says:

    Also, I was so jealous of the last post! LOL I bought 10 canisters of Quaker this week as well, and I was so happy to get them on a deal. I couldn’t find a coupon that would get here by the end of the sale, so I was just happy to pay $1.50 per one since they are normally $4.97 each. Oh Well!

  • sarah says:

    Aaron read part of your post and said you should write a book about all this… then I got to the bottom of the post and told him you did! He also says you should go on Oprah with the book, lol.

  • Jillian says:

    do you think it is worthwhile for a family who is only blessed with two children (11 and 13yo boys) to sign up for a big box store membership, for groceries, etc.? I have kept a pretty good pantry over the years, but could maximize my grocery dollars by finding more room here to store more supplies. Just wondering if it’s worth the membership fee. Some people say they quit going because they ended up spending more.

  • katmaxx says:

    If you do write this book, or ebook, I’d buy it. I’m looking for recipes I don’t have to double that are easy , cheap, and kid favorites.BTW I dropped my Costco membership this year and my grocery bill went down! I do have a Sam’s membership but mainly only get tp,pb,detergent, frozen veg, and cheese there.