Our Trip to the Deep South…

We spent a wonderful weekend in Mississippi with comfortable January weather.

No, not warm enough to swim….. While my husband and father were in meetings most of the weekend, we took rides up and down in an old elevator, dinned in a fancy hotel restaurant and afterwards went back to our room and practiced how to eat in a nice restaurant 😉 We also went on walks, visited Target’s clearance sections and played in the room with play-dough, Thomas trains and read books. We also visited the capitol building, memorials and read historical plaques.

In the capital city of Mississippi, Jackson has a beautiful monument dedicated to the Women of the Confederacy; the Confederate wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. It is a very impressive monument that stands right in front of the capitol building.

Beside it also stands a replica of the Liberty Bell.
Just like the papaw’s Bell….

Also a stunning site is the memorial to the unborn. The Baptist church has a very impressive monument that contains 50 million pennies representing each child that has been aborted in America.

We also saw several beautiful Ten Commandment stone tablets that were standing out side of churches and even a local business.

My husband is putting together photos from around the nation of monuments and buildings that acknowledge God. In our nation, who is quickly scurrying to remove any resemblance of the acknowledgement of God, he is documenting though pictures of our nation’s capitol buildings, war memorials, Founding Father and national memorials, congressional and court buildings, that this nation is founded upon the Law of God. He will be launching this project very soon to where others can send in their photographs of things they have found that acknowledge God.