So Busy……Even Had Time for a Chicken Harvest!

We just returned from Thanksgiving break spent with my family. I love having a big family…so many people to see! We had a rowdy good time around the family meal table laughing and talking about good times with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma’s and grandpa’s.
Our trip was short because of our responsibilities back here at home. Having animals to care for several times a day puts a damper on us just getting up and going to far away places for any length of time. However, thanks to family and friends here at home to care for our animals, we were able to get away for a few days.
Today was an eventful day. We were able to process some of our biggest birds but because of the weight not being what we desired, we decided to hold off for another week to process the rest. We invited over several families, some experienced and some first timers, and had a grand time putting chicken in the freezer. It wasn’t that processing the chicken was all the fun, but the community effort and fellowship was what was so great. Afterwards, we enjoyed fellowship over chili with cornbread and some hot apple cider.
I used my food saver to package the chicken and it did a wonderful job of vacuum sealing whole chickens.

We are grateful for our friends who came out to help us today! God Bless You!


  • Sally says:

    That is just so cool! If only I had a food saver….and chickens. 😉

  • Christine says:

    We have butchered chickens the last 2 years and we always have fun. And oh are they so yummy. We even had some 6 pounders this year! Don’t have a food saver, but 2 gallon ziplocs work pretty good too.