Importance of Thanksgiving

Like many things in our culture, the Providential hand of God in the founding of our nation has been forgotten. For our family Thanksgiving is quickly becoming an important celebration that we plan on expanding to a 3 day celebration as we return to the focus our forefathers had on the first Thanksgiving. It isn’t just about turkey!
In our homeschooling these days, we have been studying God’s Providential hand in the Thanksgiving story.
Thanksgiving isn’t a localized event in history. It isn’t just about pilgrims and Indians, but about God’s sovereign hand leading and guiding his people throughout history which extends to us and the part we have to play in history.
Here are some talking points of discussion we have been studying:

  1. The founding of Jamestown; the first permanent English colony in North America
  2. Pilgrims and their Christian Character
  3. Tracing the link of the providence of God through the Protestant Reformation (the Reformation study is mainly done in October for Reformation Day)
  4. Holland as a place of refuge and the reasons why they ultimately left Holland for America.
  5. The Mayflower Compact
  6. God’s preservation through Squanto
  7. The first Thanksgiving
  8. 50 years of peace with the Indians
  9. Bradford’s Of Plimoth Plantation
  10. Instrumental men: The Rev. Brewster, William Bradford
  11. Advancement of the gospel and evangelization of the Indians.
  12. Our part to play in history. God’s providential hand upon our lives. Our lives are His instruments to use at His Will for His Glory.

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