God’s Beautiful Creation and the Morning Hike

I finally figured out how to get back in shape. We have a beautiful sprawl of wooded acres behind our house and now that the temperature is cool and the leaves are falling the threat of snakes is behind me, I promised the children a hike in the woods. Last night I mentioned that after we got things going in the morning and breakfast cleaned up that I would take them on a hike.This was all they thought about…so when morning came they were exceptionally helpful with breakfast and clean up! One of the boys came in from feeding the chickens and said their water was frozen. GREAT!!! Nice morning to take a hike right!
It was cold outside for sure, however it was just what I needed. A cold brisk morning hike in the woods perfect for getting the blood moving!
Fall and Winter time is a highly anticipated time of year because that means hiking in the woods!
As we were getting dressed, their giddy excitement was making me laugh.
I think my children think we live in the Hundred Acre Woods with Pooh Bear. You know how when you were little and everything seemed bigger than what it really was.  They talked of fighting off bears and using their sling shot to shoot the attack buck were it to jump out in front of us.
So off we go:

The first obstacle was going between the chicken fence and an old barbed wire fence. Some passed with flying colors.

Others didn’t fair so well.

Now that we are all up on our feet again…..onward we go, down the hill.

At the bottom we found some interesting things. Here the boys inspect a squishy tree. It was a fallen tree that had been there for quite a while and was decomposing. After all the rain it felt like a sponge.

They uncovered big rocks that had carpet layers of brilliant green fuzzy moss. We also found all sorts of strange looking mushrooms growing off trees. (no never eat the wild mushrooms–they hear that thousands of times)

As we headed back up the hill, the 4 year old gets a “great idea” to use the turkey call he brought. We do occasionally see wild turkey, but with the noise we were making, I am sure we scared everything off. He was hopeful though, however the only thing he managed to call was a howling dog.

Back up the hill. Now here is the part about getting into shape– a great workout that just might become part of the morning routine.

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  • Oh how great! I love getting the kids out the door first thing in the morning for a hike! Love the photos! Now just have the kids sketch something they saw on their walk and write a little paragraph about their favorite part of the hike and you’ve covered PE, science, language arts and narration all in one hike.
    Sometimes we take our sketch pads and pencils with us and sketch while on the hike – that’s always fun.