If there is one principle I understood almost immediately after our family moved states, it was a clear understanding of the word seasons! We actually now have real live dramatic seasons. Beautiful but cold winters with some snow and ice. Beautiful spring weather and outstanding trees and flowers. The greenest summers I have ever seen. The Fall weather is my favorite with incredible brilliant colored foliage and cool brisk weather.

Just as the seasonal weather patterns change, so are the seasons in ones life. A home filled with little babies and toddlers will not be in the same season as the home where children have already been raised. Many of us moms with many young children are in a strenuous season of hearty work completely consumed with logistical aspects of homemaking and mothering. We need to expect to work hard.
I may not be able to homeschool like other mothers with older children or mothers who have a less amount of children. Our homeschooling season matches our abilities and should not look exactly like the other moms. Each mother may have different abilities in the kitchen and depending on the season of life she is in, she may be able to cook from scratch all day long or may be struggling just to open canned soup at lunch time.
While we all have the biblical standard we need to be following, the outworking of how seasons of life affect each individual will vary.
It is important to recognize seasons in your life.
Some of the seasons in my life are:

  • Never expect the laundry room to be empty because the laundry will never be all done.
  • Expect missing shoes and socks no matter how organized I am.
  • Buy massive amounts of food and always cook extra.
  • Expect one thing right after the other and then some more.
  • Hard work is good for me.
  • I expect people to stare and ask me questions when I am out in public.
  • My kitchen is supposed to be a well oiled machine. There is always something cooking, rising, fermenting, needing to be washed, needing to be put away or needing to be swept. RELAX, so what if it is never perfectly cleaned, I use my kitchen.
  • Sleeping through the night is not possible.
  • Toddler and baby diaper and potty accidents will happen often and at the most inopportune times.
  • There is ALWAYS something to do so plan the day. Practice doing what I can and knowing when to rest. Never give up.


  • susan says:

    a brilliant piece of poetry for a mothers’ heart and soul.
    thank you.

  • sarah says:

    Aaron and I just had a LONG talk about that the other night. Husbands are such a strength and so refreshing when I feel vulnerable to ye olde competitive spirit.
    I thought the expression “Hard work is good for you was reserved for kids and teenagers.” Darn it. That explains a lot.

  • sarah says:

    “Expect one thing right after the other and then some more.”
    hahahhaaa…. that surmises most any family [especially ones with kids]! That cracked me up!!!

  • Sally says:

    Change of seasons…that’s real? And here I thought that was only an urban legend…I’ve been living in Texas for too long! 😉

  • Bethany says:

    Today was a Scotland like day… the trees are so beautiful (a bit bare compared to last week..but still bright golden colors. It was a golden glow in our back woods today…..) The misty rain and fog were so Scottish like….
    At least you all have some change in leaf color — aren’t you having that now…or is it later?

  • sarah says:

    I have seen SOME change in leaf color, but not much.

  • Sally says:

    I have change in color in mine allright – green to brown. 😉
    Nah…we have some, but it’s nothing like driving through the tree-lined streets in your area…