Blogging changes coming 2007!

I lament to my husband frequently that there are never enough hours in a day and that if only I could go without eating and sleeping, I could get much more done! Maybe I am a hyperactive housewife? I just don’t think those extra things are extra. What’s baking bread or growing a garden in the middle of winter? Those things seem like givens to me. I would love to add goat milking and chair upholstery to my list. The only problem is my hours run out before I am finished working. I hate that.
It seems that daily there are stories, happenings and events, lessons learned, successes and failures, many accomplishments and many must do’s.
Life on this small rural piece of land provides many opportunities for learning and growing in unique and simple ways. I fall in love with simplicity by just hearing the cows moo, the birds sing, the trees rustle. Many times simplicity is never simple. The work involved in merely raising a handful, or two handfuls of children is far from simple, however, many simple things have blessed me in my complicated simple life.
My writing continues, be it a slow pace, at least it is some pace. My motherly and homemaker duties are so consuming as I believe mothers should be peacefully consumed with good hard work of their children and homes. It is fulfilling.
As the year is beginning to come to a close, I have begun to think about the goals for this year as well as next.
In an effort to redirect some of my energies to other pursuits I am wanting to do, my plans for my journal blogging have become this: At the end of the year, I will be compiling my blog over the last year and a half into a booklet for my children and turning this blog page into an archive for past posts instead of regular blogging. Until then, I will continue several updates on our farm life as well as some other homemaking ideas I have come to love.
While the thought of blogging is not that important to me, the art of journaling is. That will be something always important and a discipline I wish to maintain.
However, to catch updates for our family, practical homemaking ponderings and other interesting topics, I plan on posting to my website instead of a daily blog (which has never been daily!)
Any thoughts?


  • sarah says:


  • sarah walston says:

    “However, to catch updates for our family, practical homemaking ponderings and other interesting topics, I plan on posting to my website instead of a daily blog (which has never been daily!)”

    I’m not really sure what the difference is!! If you stop blogging, I’ll never know what’s going on with you!

    But I do understand, I’ve recently been examining my own purpose in blogging. Is it really how God wants me spending my time. I don’t know. I’m praying about it.

    I think a lot of Christian women are starting to really examine how they are spending their time in the blogosphere.

  • sarah says:

    Well, I feel the need to add a shallow comment. I don’t think it is a healthy state of mind to be in a place where everything you do has to have purpose and meaning. Sometimes things should just be fun or relational or both.
    I second Sarah’s comment about missing your blog. Either way, we will all still love you and be your friend but your thoughts and writings would be greatly missed.

  • sarah walston says:

    Hey Sarah,

    I don’t think your comment is shallow! I am all about being fun and relational!!

    BUT…there’s a lot to the story that I can’t really talk about on a blog. Just safe to say that blogging can become a very hurtful sport among Chrisitan sisters. It’s like a competition – who can post the most gossip in the most carefullly crafted posts. It’s nauseating. Having personally been the recent victim of that kind of “sisterhood”…that has given me some perspective about what is my purpose of blogging and is it how God would have me use my time. And if I”m going to blog, what are the boundaries by which I will blog. Those sorts of things. I kind of hit on that in my last “Thursday Thirteen” post on my blog.

    And I agree – Beth just can’t take her blog down. I’m too addicted.


  • I have to say it was funny to read the part about eating and sleeping taking so much time! I get like that often! I vent to my husband every now and then that I barely get one meal done, eaten, and cleaned up and get started on something else and its time to repeat the process! LOL

  • Sally says:

    Well, I have to say…it will be missed! This was a great way for the TX part of the family to keep up on what’s new with the TN part of the family…I’ll guess you’ll just have to send more photos and great stories via email 😉

  • Bethany says:

    Don’t Despair too much!!!… I have kept up the blog for a year pretty regularly and I am just going to be cutting back on that…… We are planning some more intensive things this next year (raising more meat, buying some milk goats, extensive gardening in the spring and summer ect.) I do not plan on regular daily blogging and was thinking more like updates occasionally. Currently I am not sure if that means every 2 weeks or monthly but since I do use the website as an outlet for friends and family to read up and visit our family, I was planning updates anyway…so don’t despair that much! ….it just won’t be as often….and after looking at the format issues, I think it will be easier to keep this layout/format for updates—-So it just won’t be as much info as I normally post—sorry…just one of those seasons –you know!

  • sarah says:

    No slow posting seasons allowed! lol.

  • sarah says:

    And yes, you are most assuredly a hyperactive housewife. 😉

  • Sally says:

    phew! Well, that’s good to hear…I bet all this “despairing” is making you feel loved, eh? 😉