Rushdoony on Church and State

Here is a great summary of the governments of God that captures the heart of JosiahProject….


Rev. R.J. Rushdoony
September 11, 2006
California Farmer 237:3 (Sept. 2, 1972), p. 36.

California Farmer 237:3 (Sept. 2, 1972), p. 36.One of the more serious examples of false or muddled thinking today is with a regard to the use of the words “church” and “government.” When people say “government,” they usually mean the state or federal government, and nothing could be more false. The Puritans knew better. The state for them was “civil government.”

Government meant first of all the self-government of the Christian man. There is no more basic and important government in society than that. Government also means the family, a very important area of rule and authority. It means the school, which governs the early lives of people, and it means also the church, a very essential area of government.

Our work governs us, as do our friends and relatives, and the people of our community, by their attitudes and opinions.  Continue Reading here.

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