Real Homegrown Pumpkins and Barn Cats

There are still things in life that are real.  I laugh when I read something on a food label that says something like “made with real cheese” or “contains real blueberries”  — as opposed to made with “fake cheese” and “fake blueberries” — ohh wait, that is possible right!
Well, these are our real pumpkin beauties that we accidentally grew in our back woods.  They are beautiful and we admire them daily not just because they are bright orange pumpkins, but because we “home grown’em” right here in our own dirt…..on accident.   

We have a few more on the vine that I noticed the other day, so hopefully we will be able to get a large pumpkin family for our porch this Fall. 

Finally, a picture of our real live barn cat.   We have two adorable kittens; Adam and Eve we call them and they think pouncing on crickets and climbing the barn pole is a more fulfilling life than laying around a house stripped of their catness.  Currently, the cats and the rabbits like their new home and we like them. 
The young broccoli plants out in the garden.  The cooler temperatures and rain are perfect for them. 

The young garbage…I mean…cabbage plant out in the garden.  I planted lettuce seeds all around it. 

The garden – looks quite barren now, but hopefully as the young plants grow and the seeds sprout and grow into plants, it will quickly flower into a thriving household asset full of fresh greens throughout the winter. 


  • sarah says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your picture blogs. Man I wish I had magical pumpkins grown in the woods in my backyard. What a CUTE picture! Enjoy living in the fertile crescent!

  • Mom2fur says:

    Oh, what cute pictures! I just love fall, don’t you? What can be cuter than babies with pumpkins and kitties playing in barns?
    I didn’t know broccoli was a cool weather plant. I wonder if I could make an effort to grow one or two?