Newsweek on Church and State

What a week in the news for the idea of separation of Church and State.  We must be getting near an election or something of that nature.  American Vision, much like Chalcedon in the previous article has captured an important aspect of the design and purpose of Josiah Project.

Separation of church and state is not a historical concept that originated with the founding fathers.  In fact it is completely antithetical to the documents they wrote, the laws they passed, and their actions while in office.

James Madison
James Madison

“The historical facts dispute this seemingly authoritative interpretation of the First Amendment. James Madison issued at least four Thanksgiving Day proclamations.3 If the Congressional Quarterly’s Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court has accurately captured the meaning of the establishment clause of the First Amendment, then Madison “violated both his oath of office and the very instruments of government that he helped write and labored to have ratified.””

Check out the complete American Vision Commentary of the Newsweek article here.

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