Like I was saying —

Sure it is just a baby snake……

But look what else

My snake handling husband attempts to pick up a snake with my plant holder stake and a crossbow gun.

A big black speckled king snake that he assures me is beneficial to have around!

Crowd gathers with “OOOOO and AHHHHHH and WOWOWOWOW!!!”

no response…I can hardly look at this picture to post it. I absolutely hate these things!!!
Now, even though the baby snake was a completely different snake than this one… my point was that where you find baby snakes, you will find big snakes—was true!
My 9 year old found it in the yard. The kids had collect piles of leaves they were playing in the other day. The 9 year old ran across the yard and jumped over the pile of leaves and saw the snake as he was jumping over it and the leaves.
I could not convince them to kill it, so they graciously took it across the road to let it go. That didn’t satisfy me completely.  In my mind, I kept seeing it slither back across the road to come find me.


  • sarah says:

    Ewww… I feel the EXACT same way about snakes. I would feel the exact same way if I was there, including the envisioning of it coming back across the road.
    So, how is a king snake beneficial? I think I would have been a little disturbed knowing my kids were out there jumping around with one.
    Oh, and guess what? I have found another rabbit hole. This is starting to get discouraging…

  • Sally says:

    Is it because they eat rats and such? But wouldn’t cats do the same???
    By the way, “In my mind, I kept seeing it slither back across the road to come find me” is probably the best blog quote yet. 🙂

  • Michelle says:

    I know telling you this won’t make you feel any better about the snakes at all, but feel these might be pieces of infomation you might need/want to know.
    My step-brother’s little girl was bitten by a snake two summers ago. They took her to the ER for anti-venom and were told that they would just wait it out because the anti-venom is basically a one shot in a lifetime thing, that they only give it in the event of extreme reactions, multipe strikes, or when they know the type of venom is extremely deadly as it would likely not work a second time.
    Thus, it would be good for you to get to know whether the snakes you have around are poisonous/deadly or just good rodent killers. Round pupils are supposed to mean harmless and slitted pupils poisonous, but I would not really want to get close enough to see that (nervous face here), so picture identifications might be nice.
    Also, the younger the snake, the more potent the poison. I can’t remember where or why I learned this, but it’s made me very concerned about my kids going out to the garden and finding the baby snakes they think are so cute…
    My apologies if I’ve made the worries worse. I just didn’t know any of it myself until the last 2 years and would not want anyone to be unprepared.

  • Bethany says:

    yes… the good snakes (HA!) they eat rodents and more importantly poisonous snakes.
    We are teaching the children which kinds of snakes are good and ones that are poisonous— the rule is even if they think it is a good snake—they are to stay away from them, watch where they step, walk properly over rocks and tree limbs, leaves….if they see one, they know not pick them up–come get an adult etc. Never play in old leaf piles, wood piles etc.
    My husband knows way more than I do about snakes–
    I would rather the world be snake free.