“Facing The Giants” Opens on Friday September 29th!


At Sherwood Baptist, Jim McBride serves as Executive Pastor. It’s safe to say not too many pastors have had the experiences that Jim has. (More about that in Did You Know?) When it comes to growing in faith, Jim wouldn’t trade the experience of being involved in FACING THE GIANTS for anything. Here’s what the man who plays “Coach Bobby Lee Duke” says:

“I am thankful for so many things: working with so many Christians who really believed in and were committed to making this film was a privilege; seeing God work in such a mighty way during every aspect of the process was incredible! I feel blessed beyond measure that God allowed me to be a part of this. FACING THE GIANTS has expanded my vision as to how truly awesome our God is in that He could take something like a move made by a church in South Georgia and use it to touch the world. To Him be all the Glory!

Facing The Giants Opens on Friday!
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