Facing The Giants – Coming September 29th!

Facing Teh Giants 

This is not Walmart, but I thought I’d share a little about the first theater experience I’ve been excited about in a long time.  Here is the latest newsletter from Facing The Giants.  If you haven’t heard about this film yet, go check out the site now.  
I had a chance to review the film a few months back and it is going to be a great boost for Christian media and it does great honor to the name of Christ.  The film is absolutly top notch entertainment with a biblically sound theme through out the movie. 
If I was into thumbs, I’d give it three!  I’d have to borrow from one of the children, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.  In fact, as long as we are borrowing thumbs, we might as well give it the full Vaughn family approval rating of 18 thumbs up!
This is no TBN attempt to make a Christian movie, this is the real deal.  Quality acting, Quality editing and production, and best of all a quality God honoring biblically sound theme through out the movie!  For the first time in a long time I’m looking forward to taking my entire family to the movie theater for a family night out.
I think you’ll enjoy it as well.  If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out here and set aside Friday September the 29th for your family.


  • Hello,
    I also was able to preview the movie and it impacted me greatly. We did not have it scheduled in our town but God saw fit to make it happen (without a booster club). I am going to try to make a way to get our area high school students into the movie as well as their families. I am in the process of raising awareness about this movie through our local churches.
    Great Movie!! DO NOT MISS IT!!
    With God, Nothing is impossible!

  • Irvin Riley says:

    I heard about Facing The Giants on my Christian radio program, I went to the webb site and watched the trailor, it alone made me cry.
    I can’t wait to see it, they intervied the brothers and the talked about there movie flywheel and this latest movie.
    I’ve E-mailed family and friends about it.
    Irvin Riley