Culinary Arts: Daughters in Training Share How To’s of Sourdough

We started by reading all about sourdough. Ever wonder what homemakers did before baking powder and commercial yeast? Sourdough would be the answer! By mixing flour and water and letting it ferment in at least 70 to 80 degree temps, you will be able to grow your own wild yeast. You may use potato water if you wish. You may also make a grape sour dough starter by adding slightly mashed grapes to ferment with your flour and warm water.

First, you slightly mash 2 cups of grapes. You want the grapes to ferment in your flour and water in a warm spot for a few days.

Add your grapes to the bowl with two cups of very warm water. Do not use a metal bowl for growing your starter. Yes, you can eat some of the grapes.

Add two cups of flour.

Mix it all up.

Still mixing it up. She is not liking what it did to her grapes.

Here are our sourdough starters. We let them ferment for about 3 days. Each day we feed our new pets. We say pets because we are growing live yeast and good for you bacteria. These are kitchen pets. We feed them by removing some of the mixture and adding 1/2 cup of flour and 1/2 cup of warm water and mixing it up again. With our grape sourdough mixture, we let this one ferment for a couple of days by itself and then strained out the grapes. I made a sponge out of some of my starter after it sat for the proper amount of time and will let that proof (sit or ferment more) for many hours before I make our first loaf of sourdough bread.
Stay tuned for the results!

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  • Thank you for sharing these great instructions! I did a starter years ago, but it wasn’t with grapes! I’ll have to try it sometime! What a cute little helper you have too!