Cheap Toddler Entertainment – Make your own spider web…..

I can’t complain. Since moving out to the country, the children have been in heaven with endless things to do and see. Not only have they discovered mysterious bugs, crystals and fossils in rocks, multiflorous plants but at the same time, pestilential vines and bugs, the joys of working the land and caring for animals, as well as learning some valuable lessons. The adults have too had their fair share of character building opportunities and fire forgings.
I believe many times children exhibit certain behavior issues because of shear boredom. I am not saying that our job is to entertain them and excuse that bad behavior, however, I do believe when they are busy and productive, the instances of mischief and strife and boredom are greatly lessened.
Yes, we still have the normal toddler whine, cranky cries and general nit-picky things children, eventually with our guidance and discipline, with God’s Grace will overcome. We deal with over-tiredness and impatience too. However, the amount of time spent hovering at my ankles wondering what they can do is an obsolete thing of the past. Currently, the biggest issue is cleaning them up, dealing with the tiredness at the end of a long day and trying to fill their hungry bodies which seem, at this moment, bottomless pits!

I snapped this picture: A 3 year old spends over an hour making himself a spider web complete with a well pump. I wasn’t following his reasoning for the well pump, but it was perfectly logical in his mind. Later on I noticed him sitting in the middle of his spider web tree as if he were a spider resting from a days work of web building.
Even if you live in a neighborhood, a cheap roll of yarn and a poor backyard bush might lead to hours of creative spider web building ! Keeping their minds engaged, their belly full, and restful sleep can do wonders for children!
This time of year, I also found that sending them outside to eat lunch on a picnic sheet under the peach tree made for some happy children and saved me the lunch time mess cleanup indoors.


  • sarah says:

    that is hilarious. He and Caleb are soul mates. I could TOTALLY see Caleb doing that and then hanging out in it like his web. awesome.

  • sarah walston says:

    The well pump is his variation on theme to “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” song.

    No water spout for his spider. His spider is Hulk Hogan type and can take on the well pump! LOL!

    That’s cute.

    Even though we live in the city – our kids do this kind of stuff too – all the time. Less toys, less noise (tv, computer, etc) makes for happy, productive and engaged children I think. Of course, after our week dealing with neighborhood trouble makers…. I can see why living in the country would be advantageous! We’ve been in this house for 6 yrs and never really had a problem with our kids mingling too much with other children. Mostly because our immediate neighbors are mostly renters w/o children. So .. makes for a nice, safe, atmosphere. (Save the male homosexuals who live DIRECTLY ACROSS the street from us! And have for 6 yrs! ICK!) But lately there’s been a trouble maker coming around. I think I took care of him today….but I was honestly thinking, after this morning, “Gee…if we lived in the country we would NOT have this problem!”


  • Bethany says:

    Well, you would just have other problems…. like wandering dogs killing your chickens or a big tractor waking you up cutting the hay field next door (actually that is rare and was quite enjoyable for the children to watch..)
    but the neighbor trouble maker issues or lawn mowers running almost 24/7 –not a problem anymore……