Baby Diaper Low Down….

Moms know that baby diapers are more valuable than most think.  Just ask any mom who has run out of diapers when it is desperately needed!  I don’t know any mom with diapered babies who doesn’t get excited about finding diapers for a really good deal.  While I love cloth diapers, there is nothing that compares to the ease of a disposable diaper. 
While Costco or Sams can be a great place to find a great deal on diapers, in my area the wholesale stores are more expensive when it comes to buying diapers in bulk. 
So what I have I been doing? 
I contacted the major brand diaper companies and asked them to send me diaper coupons.   I don’t know if it is sympathy for me having two babies in diapers at the same time or the fact that I have been buying diapers for the last 11 years straight, but I have been able to regularly receive diaper coupons and samples in the mail from a variety of different companies.  There are several ways to sign up for a Pamper’s or Huggies newsletter.  I normally get mailers from these companies with coupons and an occasional diaper sample.  Several children ago, I did have some issues with the Huggies diaper tabs ripping off easily.  I contacted them and told them about it, I soon received some very good coupons $2.50 off and a free replacement package.  It might be worth a call to customer service to telling them that you buy lots of diapers and would like to see if they could send you out some coupons. 
While you will occasionally find a outstanding deal on diapers, normally you will only be able to find a “good” deal.  The trick to saving big on diapers is to always watch the sales trend in your local grocery stores.  For example, I know that my local Food Lion grocery store puts Pamper diapers on sale about ever 4 to 6 weeks for $7.99.  It is not uncommon for me to get a store coupon catalina for $3 off Pampers diapers.  Catalinas are those coupons that print out with your receipt when you check out.  Catalinas are coupons you can use at that specific store only unless another grocery store specifically says they will take other stores coupons.  With that $3 off catalina, I can stack a $1.50 off manufacture coupon from Pampers.  Stacking is when you can combine store coupons with manufacture coupons.  Be aware that some stores do not allow this, in fact it is common for stores not to do this, however, my worst coupon store here does allow this which ends up saving me the greatest on diapers.  If you do not know if your store stacks store coupons with manufacture coupons, you can either ask or just try it out to see if it works.   
So if you take the Pampers sale of $7.99. Take away the $3 catalina and the $1.50 coupon, your total price for the bag of diapers ends up being $3.49!!! 
Even if you are only able to get $1 off coupons, which are very common, your total would be $4.99 with a $3 off catalina! 
Catalinas are triggered based on similar products you buy using your grocery savings card.  Now, while I am not able to get a pack of diapers for $3.49 all the time,  it is nice to know that occasionally, it is possible to get an incredible deal on diapers.  My $3 catalina store coupons do expire quickly, however since I am aware of my stores sales trends, I usually can time it so that I can buy several packs of diapers with several catalinas that I have saved up. 
Another recent diaper deal that I found was this:  The Mega packs of Pampers diapers on sale.  They normally were around $15 something which I thought was high for even a normal price.  With the store sale and my coupon, I was able to buy the mega pack for $7.99. 
I am not a brand loyal diaper shopper.  I have found that many store brand diapers are very comparable if not the same as expensive diapers and if I am in need of diapers and do not find a great sale, I will usually opt for the good store brand diaper.   A little while ago, Kroger had their store brand diapers on sale for $5.99, buy one, get one free.  This was an excellent deal!
On the other hand, some store brand diapers are really not worth the hassle of trying to save a few extra dollars.  You just have to be aware of which store brands are acceptable and which are not. 
Any moms with diapered babies have any other diaper tips? 


  • sarah walston says:

    First of all – groceries are NEVER this cheap in Texas!! At least not in San Antonio! However, the best place I buy Pampers is at Target. They do drop the jumbo bags down to $9.99 every couple of weeks and I can use my $2.50 off coupons to stack up. Sometimes they even have the big boxes on sale – I can get Pullups for $12.00 for 80 diapers or something like that – then $2.50 off the sales price, so that helps. I try and stock up as much as I can afford to when I find these great deals.

    Ok but I wrote all that as if I still have to buy diapers! With both girls potty trained now – we only use pullups at night and the HEB brand is SUPER CHEAP ($6.50 for a jumbo bag) and sometimes they even have a coupon on them. So my diaper expense has dropped down to around $12/month!! In another year – even that will dissipate as the girls learn to hold their bladder all night.! YAY!

  • sarah says:

    couponing seems like such a headache. I just buy the Costco brand to be done with it. They work really good too.

  • Robin says:

    I went to the grocery store for something else this week, and happened to check the diaper aisle. The Chicolor brand diapers were on sale buy one get one free. This was not advertised, just a store special for sizes 5 & 6. My son normally wears size 4, but size 5 fits, too. I didn’t have a coupon, but I still got the diapers for 12.5 cents each – a great deal for size 5.

  • Meagan says:

    Just a tip for some of us: If you have a Publix and a Winn Dixie grocery in town, look into purchasing their store brand diapers. They sell the EXACT same diapers, just put into different boxes. However, at Winn Dixie, the diapers are $3 cheaper, and even more so when on sale.

  • Bethany says:

    excellent ideas…..

  • Sally says:

    I’ve actually been thinking about non-disposal diapers for our next kiddo…I’ve known a few people who’ve used them and they swear that it’s really not that much more work and that it saved them a ton of money. They’re expesive to buy, but you only buy each size bracket (ie – small, medium, large and x-large) once. Plus, you don’t have to fold and pin them anymore…they have the fitted ones with velcro tabs and some even have designs on ’em. 😉
    I know women who say they just dump the poo in the potty and then put the dirty diaper in a diaper pail and at the end of the day, they throw them all in the washing machine. These same women say that they still buy a small amount of disposal diapers for when other people watch their kids (ie – church nursery and so on…) or for when their bambinos have diarrhea. One lady in my Leche League group carried big ziplock bags in her diaper bag for wet and dirty ones on the go. oh! And I’ve read and heard from people that they absorb wetness better and have to be changed less.
    Has anyone on here used them?

  • Bethany says:

    I had to use cloth with my 3rd baby…allergic rash to all the diapers. I bought my cloth off ebay — the Kushies brand that were velcro contoured dipes that I like ??ok??? I ended up selling them. And then my fave that I still have are the Motherease brand… I use them on my toddlers when potty training. The only bad thing about them is they take forever to dry…so you are better off drying them on a line. I also used the old fashion diaper service quality ones with good ol fashion pins and plastic pants when my motherease ones were all used up.
    When I switched to cloth with number 3, baby number 2 was a toddler and still in diapers…so I switched him to cloth as well — 2 in cloth! Well, he potty trained within 2 weeks of switching to cloth—he was the easiest to potty train and it was probably because he could feel the wetness and didn’t like it. too many children later…and I haven’t caught up to using cloth again…
    I had newborn all-in-ones— where you do not have to use a cover…it is all together— they are very expensive but the ones I had worked good but we wore them out.
    Going out is a challenge if you are use to disposables…however, it that is the way you diaper…cloth…then it is just what you do and you will get use to it quickly. My husband hates cloth…though…..

  • Bethany says:

    SLIGHT MODIFICATION on the term Stacking:
    Evidently my stacking success at my local Foodlion on the $3 diaper catalinas with the other manufacture coupons is not normally done…ohh well, for whatever reason they stack these for me..I am not complaining…
    Stacking would technically be taking a store coupon like a Walgreens coupon or the Target store coupons and stacking them with a manufacture coupon. That would be the definition.
    By the way, those that have those Super Targets in their area..(we do not) there is evidently a special Target couponers tips and heads up message board here:
    Here is the target coupons where you can print out the target coupons and also use manufacture coupons with these…

  • Sally says:

    Almost forget! I found out something about Walmart recently – did you know that they take competitor’s papers? Meaning, if you have a flyer saying that Kroger (or any other grocery store) has a “10 for $10” (or any other kind of sale – not including doubling or tripling coupons) sale going on, all you have to do is show it to a Walmart cashier and they have to match the same deal…and you can use coupons on top of it. 🙂
    You’re never going to believe who told me this…a cashier at Walmart! lol…she was complimenting me on my coupon savings ($20 – whoo-hoo!!) and told me I could do even better if I brought in the flyers and papers – I had no idea Walmart did that!!! She was a fellow mommy and I think she felt for me 😉

  • Bethany says:

    I saw a lady do this once at walmart…she had at least 5 different papers and knew exactly what she was doing…..very interesting.
    I do know that they will not match buy one, get one free ads…or at least that is what someone told me.
    good ideas….

  • Katrina says:

    I am a former Wal-Mart cashier. You don’t even need to bring the papers in to show the cashier. You tell the cashier that it is on sale for X amount of dollars at whatever store and she is SUPPOSE to take your word for it. They figure it is better to make the customer happy than to lose you.
    I have also found good deals on diapers on eBay. I have seven month old twins and I stock up whenever possible.
    Also, the Wal-Mart brand Parent’s Choice is just as good as Pampers Baby Dry. My husband even likes them better. They are the same price as Pampers but you get TWICE as many!