Tennessee Wildlife

On a recent trip to look for some farm land for the family we scared the local wild life.  The deer and turkey where on the move across the field like the wildebeest in Lion King.  It was an amazing site as we drove down one dirt road and then doubled back on the next one up.  All the animals we scared on the first road, crossed in front of us when we doubled back.  It was amazing to watch the turkeys follow the deer, looking like they were in hot pursuit!
But by far the winner with the children was the owl who flew along side us and then stopped to give us a good once over as we returned the favor.  He looked big enough to carry off one of the small children (ok a very small one), but in the end he left us as we watched him fly off.

TN Owl

It seems we have had a rash of wild animal sightings recently.  Moving into our new house (see home remodel for that story) we recently spotted a hawk.  We heard it in the woods across the street and he actually responded to my call and flew over to this tall oak next to our driveway. 



another shot of the hawk

The photo is not as clear as the owl, but it was a nice adventure.  The boys enjoyed it, and it’s always a good feeling to impress your kids.  Of course the next question that comes to mind, is do we go ahead with the purchase of our new chickens with a hawk roaming the area? 
I fear between the dogs and the hawks we may have some trouble ahead of us.  Keep an eye out for updates about the house move and our adventures in farm life.


  • At the Entreprenuerial Bootcamp, Joel Salatin suggested an electric fence netting that protects chickens from predators. You may want to check that out. Sounds like its pretty cheap and lightweight.

  • Good idea. I found this site that has them for sale.
    A little pricey, but looks like a good option for dogs and other ground predators… but I’m still wondering about the hawk. 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    pretty cool hawk sighting. I am chuckleing about your conflicting wildlife problem. I have an odd one of a slightly more domesticated form. We have a bunny family living under the street light in our front yard. Okay, no problem. Oddly enough they are digging small holes and dropping their babies in the backyard. Interesting but yuck when I think about my kids “stumbling” upon this “treasure.” I guess I will call over the neighbor cat who has annoying me up to this point and let him it the baby rabbit. Also yuck, but better than my kids discovering the vermin and touching it. Ewwwww….

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