Sticking to Principles – Well Done Brian Harris!

I was proud to read Brian Harris’s comments on Bob Corker at the Conservatives for Corker Blog today.  This is more than I have come to expect in our culture where friendship and support are too easily purchased.  The betrayal of the unborn by the National Right to Life, as mentioned in this same article, is more the norm of the day – unfortunately.
While someone should spend a great amount of time taking NRTL to task for their unprincipled approach to political support, I’ll refrain.  Not because they don’t need it, but because it’s been done and once an organization has sold their sole it can only be redeemed with money, not truth.
None the less, I’m proud of Brian and the crew at the TNRTL head quarters!

Brian Harris of Tennessee Right to Life said last week that the group will not be backing Mr. Corker, whom he termed “pro-abortion.” He said the organization will focus on the governor’s race, and some congressional races and Tennessee General Assembly contests.
“We will be targeting those resources for people who have demonstrated track records on issues that are of importance to pro-life Tennessee,” Mr. Harris said. “Bob Corker does not meet that criteria.”

Well said and well done!  Hats off to a RTL organization who is willing to stand on principles.
One final comment.  It wouldn’t hurt the National Right to Life folks to take some notes from someone who knows Corker!  If the Pro-Life folks in his own state won’t support him, perhaps he is not worthy of the national support… just a thought.


  • Watchful says:

    You mean you aren’t going to vote for Corker?!? I mean this way, you can vote democrat liberal, and still be considered a republican “conservative.” Or you can be a democrat liberal and pretend to vote republican conservative.
    I heard a staunch democrat say on talk radio that he was not opposed to Bob Corker, and it certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world if he was elected. Shouldn’t that tell us something about Corker?
    Me: What’s the difference between the Republicans and Democrats these days.
    You: I don’t know, what is the difference?
    Me: I was hoping you would tell me because I don’t know… ;).

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