Out of Service

This month we take a huge leap into simplicity with a complicated twist.  We are selling our 2480 sq foot home and moving to a very cozy 1050 sq foot country home.  As you can imagine, or maybe not imagine, the logistics of large family living in small family quarters has me occupied beyond my normal capabilities.  My brainpower has been working overtime.
Our adventures to be posted soon! Until then, we have a busy week.


  • sarah says:

    when is the actual move happening? Good luck with the bathroom! 😉

  • sarah says:

    p.s. btw, that doesn’t sound simplistic

  • sarah walston says:

    I was thinking about you at Walmart today. Used my coupons and saved $4.80. 🙂 And then I was thinking about you moving into a small house. And, as one living in a small house (aka, affectionately, our closet), I thought to myself, “Beth! Where are you going to store all your stocked up groceries?” See…if I bought 6 tubes of toothpaste…I’d have to actually make room for them in our TINY linen closet!!! There’s room for the ONE tube that we all share and the extra tube that is in the linen closet…but after that…not sure where I’d put 4 more tubes of tooth paste! Ha!! Now, really, I could add some medicine cabinets into the bathroom and create a little more space. I was just laughing about that. It’s such a huge change. There will be little things like that, that you won’t be able to plan for until you are decluttering for the 10,000 time and you finally go, “Ok..you know…we DO NOT need that!!” LOL!

    You’ll probably enjoy it more though. We have some friends who have 12 children under the age of 14 and they live in a touring bus most of the year. They have a 5000 sf home that sits on a 60acre ranch. About a year ago the Mom called and said she had a lot of hand me downs – they were downsizing and moving into the bottom floor of their 2story house. It was only 2000sf and “so much easier” to keep up with 12 children when everyone is living together on the same floor. About 5 months later she told me they put the ranch on the market and were living out of their touring bus and were ALL travelling with Dad who does missionary work here in the states for Chuck Colson ministry. He also does motivational speaking. They are THE NEATEST FAMILY I know who has a lot of children and are NOT part of ATI or anything like that.

    SO…if they can live in a touring bus…we can be happy in our home w/o wheels!

    BTW – I got my blog moved! here’s the new link:


    Just FYI!

  • Bethany says:

    Moving soon…

  • Bethany says:

    well…we do have a full unfinished basement…so that is my storage area!

  • Bethany says:

    it is just not finished out at all—but I am planning on putting lots of shelves. This is functional and simple — nothing glorious.
    good for you on the shopping…. I have another blog post to put up on my latest shopping adventures….

  • sarah walston says:

    oh yeah…i keep forgetting about your basement! can’t wait to see the pictures!!

    great fun on the grape vines – we did that when i was little and lived on my grampa’s farm – that was fun!

  • Amy Howard says:

    Hi there! So you’re making the plunge to the smaller home?!!! Good for you! I know it seems inconceivable that you can all fit in this smaller space, but, I did it a year ago. Everybody thought I was nuts, but it really has been such a huge blessing! Smaller areas to clean, air condition and heat have been very nice. AND, the best blessing is all of the family togetherness.
    We did have to add on a separate office for Jim Bob downstairs in the unfinished basement which is used only for office activities, but now the reduction in total living space for us is about 1,000 square feet less than what we were in a year and a half ago. You guys can do it. There are always ways of making it work. It will grow you and stretch you in the process!
    I do have a few questions for you regarding the Grocery Game. Is it really, really working for you? I’m looking for ways to cut back expenditures in this area and want to hear your take for a large family. It seems as we were looking at the website that it was formulated for smaller families, so I really am curious if it working for you guys?

  • Bethany says:

    Amy– I will post an update on the Grocery game is going….
    I just was getting around to that.
    Thanks for the encouraging comment… I was thinking today as I we were working at the house… Wow…this will take no time to clean!

  • Momuvseven says:

    I have to be honest and admit that I play the grocery game but I am not a suscriber. After the initial four week trial I found all I needed to know on the bulletin boards. I find I can match the coupons to the sale ads myself and can not justify paying for that information. It was also an inconveniance for me to wait till Sunday when the sales started on Wednesdays.
    Living in a small house is a challenge but I have known several happy families who have lived this way. For them it allowed the mother to be at home and to homeschool. It allowed them to have a good lifestyle on one income and to have enough for savings and vacations.
    We live in a five bedroom home 2580 square feet and it actually seems too big at times. We are constantly cleaning and the utility bills are high.
    Wishing you all the best with your move.