Labor and Work: Good for the body and soul

Even with all our house work (remodel), we have enjoyed working outside on gardens, vines, clearing land, tearing down falling-down outbuildings….
The children have thrived on full days of exercise, mud, working with tools, playing house and building all sorts of interesting things out of wood and nails or cardboard and sawdust.

The toddlers “work” in the garden. We recently had a beautiful day of clouds and light rain, which made for soggy, muddy, but happy children.

Our future cook, takes a break from garden work to cook up a nice pot of … locust shell soup. Yum. She was quite proud of herself and we were anxious to get back to work lest she offer a bowl of her yummy delight. We didn’t want to upset her creativity, so we thought it best to leave her alone to “play house”.

Someone hiding while others are working …. or is he waiting for his supper? Won’t he be surprised 😉
I will be posting some pictures of our house remodel in the near future.


  • sarah says:

    How cute!! I love those pics and I’m sure the kids loved being allowed to play and be messy. I know mine do [on the rare occasion that I am up for it].

  • sally says:

    Is he reading The Boxcar Children in that one picture? Growing up, those were some of my absolute favorite books! 🙂

  • Bethany says:

    Sally –Yes! The Boxcar Children — They are begging me to go back to library and check out more… The two boys read the book in one day and finished up another book the next day.

  • Bethany says:

    I am sure they would love talking to someone else who has read them…they might talk your ear off…

  • Bethany says:

    getting dirty— yeah…my standards use to be a lot higher….. Who cares now… playing in the mud, in the rain…. fun. The bathtub cleans ’em right up anyway 😉