Grocery Store Paid Me

I know the grocery related posts are abundant, however, I am so thrilled about my new adventure into coupon land, it is hard to contain my excitement.
Tonight, I  saved over $30 on my grocery trip.  I was getting some last minute things for our up and coming trip, when I spotted a sale sign on bottled water.  Just what I needed!  I planned on getting some bottled water for our trip.  I was going to freeze the water bottles over night and stick them in the cooler for ice blocks 😉
The deal was bottled water 6-packs, 2 for $3.  I had $1.75 off coupons for this very brand and size of bottled water.  I used two $1.75 coupons making my coupon total $3.50 for the 2 for $3.00 deal.  I bought three 6-packs.  Even after tax, each pack of water yielded money back to me but since I purchased it along with other groceries, it was deducted from my total amount. Now I have better than free water that I needed for our trip.
I loaded my groceries up in the van and noticed that I had one more $1.75 coupon.  I ran back in and grabbed another pack of water and decided to go through the self-checkout lane since that is the only thing I had.  I finished my transaction and went to see the cashier to get my change.
He looked very confused and finally said,
“HMMM, Well, the water is only $1.50 and you have here a $1.75 coupon.”
I said, “Yes–your right.”
He says, “Well, you can’t do that?”  He is still looking very puzzled at the computer screen, the coupon, the water and then back to the screen.
I say, “Well, why not?  I just purchased 3 other packs with my other groceries with no problem.”
He says, “Hmmm….Well, ma’m, you see, the water here…well, it is only $1.50 a pack.”
I say, “Yes, I know.   My coupon covers $1.75 off that $1.50 water pack.”
He contemplates.  I couldn’t tell if he was trying to figure out the math or trying to figure out how that happened or what, but he finally says, “Well, I guess it all works out in the end anyway, right?”  and he hands me change and a receipt and I walk out happy with my water purchase.