Grocery Savings Again: the low down

10 loaves of bread – .78 cents each
4 jugs of mott’s natural apple juice – .70 cents each
10 jars of peanut butter – .44 cents each
2 boxes of zip lock bags – .29 cents each
4 bottles of salad dressing – .29 cents each
8 boxes of cereal – $1 each
8 cans of pillsbury flaky biscuits – .69 cents each
5 cans of pillsbury breadstick dough – .07 cents each –Seven Cents!
6 jars of relish (sweet and dill) – Free — actually I was credited a penny back on each jar.The breadsticks were normally $2.15 but because of the sale and double coupons, I paid .07 cents for them. The peanut butter was normally $1.99, because of the sale and my coupons, I paid .44 cents. Ziplock bags were $2.19 normally– a deal at .29 cents! And the relish– normally $1.59, on sale for .99 cents, was better than free with a .50 cent coupon at a store that doubles to $1!
I was able to get other things as well, but spent a little over $50 for a load of groceries saving $90.80 in store sales combined with coupons.
I have been finding the best deals at two stores. One doubles up to .99 cents. The other one doubles up to .55 cents. LOVE those double coupons with buy one, get on free sales!
The grocery checkout lady wasn’t very impressed at first. As she was scanning my stack of coupons she got about half way through and said, “You can’t do this. You can’t use this many coupons. The computer is going to reject them any minute now.”
I asked her “Why, does the store have a limit on the amount of coupons you can use in one transaction.” (some stores limit how many coupons you can use in one transaction–but I knew this store did not.)
She said, “No we don’t have a limit….. but you can’t do this.”
I asked again, “Hmm…Is there a reason why?”
She kept scanning the coupons waiting for the computer to beep. But it never did. I was very careful to match my coupons up exactly with the products to insure that I didn’t have any problems.
After the computer totaled my bill, she said she couldn’t believe it. She eventually said, “Wow, Have a nice day.”
And I did.


  • Claire Hall says:

    You’re kind of my hero, Beth.

  • Momuvseven says:

    This cashier needs to be educated and hopefully your shopping trip did the trick! Good job!

  • sarah says:

    HAHAHAHAA!!! Another WOMAN cashier…. 😉

  • sarah says:

    Seriously though, AWESOME deal!!!!!
    p.s. thanks for all the homeschooling help/encouragment!

  • Sally says:

    ok, I have a story here I think you’re gonna get a kick out of:
    Earlier today, Phillip and I went to the store together and since it’s at the end of the month, we are (of course) at the end of our budget…so we were forgoing a lot of “frivelous” items and just getting the basic needs. While we were checking out, I saw a basket of french bread at the cashier and a sign that read – “Hot or free!” Since there was only one baguette left and it was nearing the end of the day, I figured it probably wasn’t hot anymore. Seeing that my guess was right, I pointed it out to our teenaged boy cashier. He just looked at my with the blankest look I have ever seen and said, “uuuuuuuummmmmmmm. I think I need to call management.” In my mind I was thinking “Seriously? The sign says as much right here and it’s only 99 cents!” But I just said “Ok, thanks.” (by the way, Phillip was doing everything he could not to laugh out loud at this point…) So the manager gets there and I point out to her about the “hot or free” policy. To which she actually says, “What are you talking about? We have no such policy! Where did you see that?” I just point to the sign literally right in front of her.
    Her response, “oh. I’ve never noticed that before. Hold on.” She then goes over to the bakery and is gone for SEVERAL minutes – holding up an already agitated line. After about 5 minutes, she comes back from the bakery with a fresh loaf right out of the oven…that she made me pay for!!!!
    I was so upset. But I was also completely dumbfounded. So I just stood there with my mouth open, took the bread and we left. Phillip, by this time, was cracking up – then he says, “ok, she missed the entire point of that promotion and you REALLY need to call back tomorrow and talk to a different manager about that.”
    It’s not about the measily 99 cents (no worries…we can afford a buck for bread;) ) But it’s the princaple of the fact – if you’re going to advertise a deal, then back it up, you know????

  • Bethany says:

    HAHA! That is hilarious Sally!
    I love that story— That sounds like something that would happen to me at the store!!

  • susan says:

    wow. i don’t think any stores here would let me get away with that. EVERY coupon i see has a mile of small print…. “not offered with any other sale, limit of two per customer, per household, per planet, etc etc.”
    haha, great story though, i hope that the management doesn’t get mad and change their policy on you!

  • Bethany says:

    Manufacturer’s coupons usually say “Limit one coupon per purchase of product….Coupon must be used within accordance with the offer stated hereon.” or something similar…
    Which means that if you had a coupon for .50 cents off One jar of any Mott’s Applesauce – you could get one jar of Mott’s applesauce with one coupon. If you had 4 coupons, you would get 4 jars.
    If the coupon states a size or certain flavor — you would match up the size and flavor.
    Some coupons say .50 cents off 2. Which means you would get two jars of applesauce and get .50 cent off.
    There are people who have been doing couponing for over 20 years and have been saving a boat load of money by strategically matching coupons to sales.
    There is such a small percentage of people who shop like this…the extreme couponers hardly make a dent in store profits.
    The important thing is to check the stores coupon policy. The stores near me to do not take internet coupons you print off on your printer but in other places, people use internet coupons all the time. Some areas do not have double coupon stores at all.
    In my area, we have double coupon stores. Some stores do not limit the amount of coupons you can use in one transaction. Some stores limit coupons to a certain amount per day–say 20.
    The other night I used 33 coupons for the 33 products I bought. Most of those coupons were doubled as well and I checked myself out through the self-checkout lane. Easy as a boxed cake mix;-)