Governmental Jurisdiction Tax Collection and Distribution

Wow, as I right that title I can think of several directions this article could go.  All of which would be valid.  However, for now, I just want to raise this question.  Is it moral, that is a Biblical concept, that the government should collect our money by force through the use of Tax Codes and then distribute it to groups who attack the very beliefs and by proxy the freedoms we hold dear?
We see this happening in numerous ways.  Bill Clinton and George Bush both have distributed 100s of millions to Planned Parenthood, the nations number one provider of abortions, via Title X and Medicaid funding.  This is an affront to our Christian liberty because it forces our labor and income to support something we as Christians believe is morally wrong.  It is also an abridgment of our Christian liberty, because if we do not pay our taxes, we go to jail.  We are forced to choose between our Christian conscience and our duty to provide for our family. 
Not only is this taking place in a passive manner as in abortion.  Perhaps to call the sin of abortion passive sounds foolish.  But, I speak of the funding of abortion as passive not the act itself.  This is in contradistinction to the funding of an organization that actively attacks Christian beliefs, such as the ACLU.  This is what is taking place when the ACLU sues a governmental entity on the grounds of separation of church and state, as reported today on
In abortion we see our money being used to fund something we don’t agree with.  In the ACLU case we see our money being used to fund an attack on things we do believe in.  In both cases we see our liberties being eroded.  I’m interested in hearing what others think the Bible provides as a solution to this dilemma.
Of course the view of Josiah Project is that the civil government is just as much bound by the word of God as the church and family government.  But in a society where the church has become salt-less, how do we regain the ground that has been conceded to the two party system of government and how do we actively pursue reform in the area of tax control while preserving our conscience?


  • Though we are supposed to be living in a republic whereby the citizenry can make a difference in the government through representative means, we are quickly spiraling towards (if not there already) an empire run by a strong federal government with little to no regard for representative government. The most blatant abuse and example of this claim is Lincoln’s commissioning of federal troops to invade Southern states as they legally seceeded from the Union.
    I say all that to “validate” my next point, which purposes to answer Paul’s good question. Jesus was asked a similar question:
    Tell us therefore, What thinkest thou? Is it lawful to give tribute unto Caesar, or not?
    (Mat 22:17)
    Jesus’ answer was:
    And he saith unto them, Whose is this image and superscription? They say unto him, Caesar’s. Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.
    (Mat 22:20-21)
    Jesus replied in this manner in spite of the evils done in the Roman Empire, and the evils that would continue to be done in the early church after Christ’s ressurection. So, though it is not moral for the government to spend our money in this manner, it is moral for us to give it to them in spite of that.
    Oh, and it is interesting on the unit of money described in the KJV:
    Shew me the tribute money. And they brought unto him a penny.
    (Mat 22:19)
    Pick up a penny today, and take a gaze upon “America’s Caesar.”

  • Here are a couple problems I have with the give unto Caesar line of reasoning. Don’t misunderstand we are currently giving unto Caesar, but I’m not sure we should be under these circumstances.
    First we are a republic (functional democracy, but a republic on paper) which means we are suppose to have the more control over our government than the Romans. – at least in theory.
    Second, the little children do not belong to Caesar, they belong to God. The statues, monuments, and the state rights the ACLU attacks don’t belong to Caesar they belong to the states. This is one of the rights we have via the Bill of Rights that Rome did not have.
    Lastly, God only requires 10% in the tithe. It seems to me for a government to demand more than God is arrogant to say the least and tyrannical in the worst case.
    Just a few thoughts of the top of my head. BTW – I greatly enjoyed American Caesar.

  • John Pearson says:

    There is another problem with the “give unto Ceasar” reasoning. It presumes that if Ceasar requests/requires giving that his request is just. Christians are to adhere to the law of government only so long as it does not interfere with God’s law. Therefore, Christians are left in the dilema mentioned in Paul’s original posting; Whom shall I serve?
    Like many people, I’m much better at finding fault than leading others to the Kingdom but do sincerely believe that the root of our problem today is not found in the malfunction of our government but rather in the spiritual decay of the Church. Historically, the Church has given over many God given responsibilities to the government. Specifically, care of the family, elderly, orphans, widows, healthcare, land ownership, education,…..etc. Until the Church begins to function as God planned and takes back these responsibilities, why should we be surprised when things go wrong? We are so busy building our own kingdoms we have neglected His.
    In spite of this, I am hopeful! There is a faithful remnant being raised up in our midst. Increasing numbers of young people are being reared and trained in Godly homes by Godly parents without government and secular idealism. Christian homeschooling families have taken wise first steps at preparing our future citizens to understand and change the problems we have mentioned here. And consistantly throughout history, God has used such remnants, the weak, the unlikely, the unpopular, the faithful, for His will and glory.
    Thanks for the blog! Great stuff, also loved the site about America’s Ceasar!
    Baruch Ha-Schem Ha-Mashiah, Yeshua!

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