Roy Moore: Will America Choose to Acknowledge God?

What a joy to awake this morning and find a link in my inbox to this article entitled “Will America choose to acknowledge God?” by Roy Moore.  One of the most exciting things about this article is it is the first in what will be weekly installments on
Roy Moore has proved time and again that he understands the basics of the governments of God and the jurisdictions and limitations of each.  He has demonstrated that he is willing to lay everything on the line to maintain the distinction between those governments.  As such Josiah Project enthusiastically recommends Roy Moore’s new weekly column entitled Our Moral Foundation.

“We are deeply honored to welcome Judge Moore to WorldNetDaily,” said WND Editor Joseph Farah. “He has shown the nation he is a rarity in public service – a man of principle who’s not afraid to acknowledge God and defend the Constitution while refusing to buckle under the pressure of politically correct elitists.”

In today’s column Moore, lays a great foundation for what is sure to be a powerful weekly contribution to regaining the freedoms we have lost in America.

“If we understand that He[God] is the sovereign source of our law, then we will recognize that there are fixed standards of right and wrong for which people must be held to account. If we understand that He is the sovereign source of our liberty, then we will hold tightly to that gift and fight for it regardless of who tries to take it away whether it be a foreign enemy or our own government. If we understand that He is the sovereign source of our government, then we will demand that our government perform only its constitutionally sanctioned responsibilities; anything less is dereliction of duty and anything more is tyranny.”

Read the complete article here.

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