New Subscriber and Post Management Functionality

We are very excited about this announcement!  The Josiah Project has incorporated a new functionality that gives our readers the ability to subscribe to specific posts, categories, or the entire Josiah Project site.  Check it out here.  The goal of this new tool is to allow each reader an option to be notified when new content is posted to the site.  In addition, it allows Josiah Project enthusiasts the flexibility of reading posts on-line or to have the entire post or a summary of the post delivered to their inbox!
This is going to be an important tool as we implement another new technology which will greatly enhance the original purpose and goals of The Josiah Project. Look forward to this announcement later in the week. For now if you are not familiar with the goals and the vision of The Josiah Project, I would recommend this article as a great starting place.
In addition, the link for managing your subscription options is located here.
There is a comment section at the bottom of each page on Josiah Project that will e-mail an administrator. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them in the comments section on the bottom of the page that you wish to comment on.
Of course, the original design of the concept of the BLOG is to allow others to subscribe to the content via an RSS Feed.  We still support this and recommend this options as a great way to keep up with the latest posts.  However, if your still an e-mail reader and prefer to work with a tool you are familiar with, we now provide you with that option as well.
To read via RSS Feed, point your favorite BLOG reader here.  To subscribe and receive e-mails, click here.

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