More Alternative Grocery Shopping – The Art of Couponing

I have run into a few people lately who are really good at couponing. While I do use coupons here and there, I have not pursued couponing as part of my homemaking career, however my interest in this art continues to soar as of late.
Interestingly enough, a email digest for large families that I receive also recently brought up the subject of coupons and groceries. Several suggestions and recommendations for a unique website called The Grocery Game were given.
Reading testimonials of extreme grocery bill savings ignited my interest to the point that I became convinced that I too could save lots of money using coupons.
Here are some examples:
“I am saving between $90-$120 each week AND stockpiling!”
“I have been doing the Grocery Game for 24 weeks and save an average of 50% monthly. I save an average of $100 per week to feed a family of 5 including diapering a baby.”
Other moms said that it was not uncommon for them to get their paper products and toiletries for free using coupons. One mom said that she never pays for toothbrushes or toothpaste or deodorant or shampoo because she is able to get these items for free using coupons with sales.
The goal of the Grocery Game website is to enable a family of 4 to save $1,000 on their groceries in 12 weeks using coupons. I wonder how that would translate with a family of 9? So what exactly is this grocery game anyway??

What is The Grocery Game?
The Grocery Game is a fun, easy way to save hundreds of dollars on groceries each month. TERI’S LIST reveals the “rock bottom” prices on hundreds of products each week and matches them up with manufacturers’ coupons for the best possible savings at your local supermarket. The Grocery Game has exclusive databases that track manufacturers’ coupons along with weekly sales and specials, both advertised and UN-advertised. With TERI’S LIST, the days of time consuming work required for effective coupon-ing are over. The Grocery Game does all the hard work and research, presented in a quick reference format on the internet each week, as TERI’S LIST. Members log in, spend a few minutes with a pair of scissors, and they’re off to win The Grocery Game!

To read about the entire system and how it works, you need to read the ‘What is the Grocery Game’ section on the website.
Before I dive into using the Grocery Game system, I intend on growing my coupon file over the next few weeks. This week I asked my neighbor for her Sunday paper coupon inserts if she was not using them and received two sets of coupon inserts.
I will keep you posted on future outrageous coupon saving grocery store trips as I delve into the new art of extreme couponing.


  • sarah says:

    Okay, Miriam is awesome at this. The only down side I have seen is not being able to buy the products you want [aka – choosing between a regular product or a superior organic one].
    She does, however, save boat loads of money and come home with tons of free stuff all the time especially from Albertsons.

  • sarah walston says:

    Just read through the website – well, glanced through it – and am feeling overwhelmed. I’m in the middle of a grocery list. Maybe I’ll come back later when I’m not already in the trenches…. LOL….

  • […] I have been trying out the grocery game trial period and I am loving it.  I saved over $80 last week by using coupons and store sales. My savings equaled more than I spent and I was able to stockpile a few bottles of laundry soap and some boxes of toothpaste as well. […]

  • […] Recently, I began my trial period of the Grocery Game (which was only a $1 to try it out for 4 weeks) and since then I have become coupon crazy.  I love a good deal and I am such a frugal person that something like the Grocery Game is great fun and excitement for me.  Since then, I have started tracking my grocery spending and savings in an excel spread sheet as well as working on an inventory list! GASP!!!  I thought I would never do anything of the sort.  My husband is the spread sheet person! My goal is to stock my own family store – yes even in a tight space – in an effort to always be prepared as well as to manage our food and supplies in a frugal manner.  I hope to curb the last minute dash to the store to get diapers or toilet paper.  The goal is to have my shelves stocked with these supplies so when the need arises, the need is met instantly and with out paying full price! In an earlier post, I explained the basics of the game (also look under the couponing category).  But to update you on how it is going, I wanted to give a few highlights and tips. […]