Grocery update

I had a great shopping trip last night. I will soon post my savings as I am very excited about it — free toothpaste and cheerios for .99 cents a box — Yippee! I found out that you do not have to build your coupon supplies before using the grocery game system so I decided to sign up for the $1 trial.
If any are interested in doing this… you can earn free weeks for the person who referred you. If you are thinking about signing up you may use my address ebay at for a referral.
I will post more later— we have a blueberry picking adventure today 😉


  • sarah says:

    Post about the blueberry adventure if you have time. Oh! Nevermind! I want to see a post with Eva’s pirate face!!!!

  • Bethany says:

    The Eva pirate face is very difficult to capture. I tried to take a picture of her today…but couldn’t catch her pirate face. i will post it though once I get it….