Grocery Savings Add Up: $11.34 worth of toothpaste for .94 cents!

Here is something that I stocked up on this week: toothpaste
And the break down is this:
Toothpaste cost was $1.89 each X 6 = $11.34
Toothpaste was on sale at grocery store this week for .99 cents and I had 4 coupons each for .75 cents off and 2 coupons for $1 off.
So on two boxes, I recieved a penny back for each box because my coupons exceeded the amount. The rest of the boxes I paid .24 cents per box bringing the total spent on 6 boxes of toothpaste down to a grand total of .94 cents !
Yes, I like coupons now.
No, it’s not Tom’s of Maine but I didn’t really care at that price.