Gold Pumpkins

These boys worked extremely hard and long taking dominion over our garden spot.  They planted pumpkins (yes, we know…a bit late….) but we figured we would try anyway. 
Their motivating goal?  To grow enough pumpkins to sell, so that they can earn money to buy some gold. 

 3 of the pumpkin mounds.  Wow, amazing work from two young boys. 


  • sarah says:

    Well, you learn something new every day. I had no idea that pumpkins were planted in piles. Whats up with that? How weird. Can you explain? Pretty cool that your boys can do that! :o)

  • sarah says:

    they are so CUTE btw!

  • Bethany says:

    they need light and airy dirt–the mound provides that. You can put a good fertile soil under the mound….like manure and compost dirt so the roots go to that and get lots of nourishment. The boys want to grow giant pumpkins but we did not have the right “giant” seeds… These were seeds that we harvested from our pumpkins last year so hopefully they will grow. We will find out.
    Watermelon like mounds too…. but it isn’t necessary to grow pumpkins and melon this way–
    Have you ever read Farmer Boy? ….the boys want to try growing a milk fed pumpkin and enter into the fair! HAHA!!

  • sarah walston says:

    HAHAHAH A Milk Fed Pumpkin! I remember that part of Farmer Boy! HAHAHA
    BTW – we grew pumpkins once, on accident. It was fairly easy.
    1) Let a pie pumpkin rot outside in your “garden” area.
    2) Decide to just bury it because it will be good fertilizer for the garden, you know…like composting.
    3) Stand with your mouth gaping open when, 2 weeks later, you see a concentrated area of sprouting plants and realize it’s ALL the seeds from the pumpkin that you buried.
    Easy as PIE.
    We watered for a while – but then stopped once summer got here b/c it was too hot anyway and they all eventually died. But it’s kind of our thing around here. Goes like this, “Hey…this has a seed! Let’s plant it and see what happens!!”
    We grew a mango tree like that once. It died as well, eventually. But it was cool – pretty hardy little tree!!