A Touch Of Sanity – Abraham Cherrix Update

Finally a little touch of sanity in Abraham’s outrageous saga.  World Net Daily reported today that Accomack County Circuit Court Judge Glen A. Taylor set aside the earlier ruling of the County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court that required Abraham to report to the hospital and “consent to whatever treatment the hospital recommends”.  It also removed the joint custody setup in that court between Abraham’s parents and the department of social services.

This is not the end of the case.  There is still a court date set for August 16th to continue the legal battle, which after today seems headed in a better direction.  And of course, when he is finished fighting with the “human services” folks he still has to fight with the cancer.  But from the quote below it appears that God made Abraham a fighter.

“I’m not going to receive chemotherapy no matter what, this is my body, the body that God gave to me, and in the Bible it says for me to take care of this body. It’s my temple. … If you are not able to do with your body what you want to, then you have no rights whatsoever.”  – Abraham Cherrix (Hannity & Colmes show July 24th)

Let’s continue to pray for the Cherrix family.  While they have won a good moral victory today, there is still a long road ahead of them.

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